TR3550 Tremec 2600708 questions....

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Here's a photo of how I modified the crossmember. I cut the crossmember and welded in flat plate to adjust the position where I needed it. The driveshaft was cut and a new joke with the right spline added and balanced.
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    My experience with that has been 2 things:
    It will cause irregular wear of the flywheel ring gear and starter pinion teeth. Even at only a tenth inch thick.
    And it will alter clutch release point. Not bad with a standard diaphragm clutch. A PITA for the LT1 T56 clutch.
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    8AAF6DC6-C9CE-48B4-8CD7-68D90EB4B5F2.jpeg Next stop into the car! WhooHoo!

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