Tire plans for an 80Z

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  1. JD Z

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    From the feedback and research I’m thinking of putting this tire size on the car:

    Front 215/70/15 BFG TA Radial
    Rear 255/60/15 BFG TA Radial

    It has 235/60/15 on the front and 255/60/15 on the rear now. The front bottoms out easily on the 235/60’s. Feedback suggests that even the stock 225/70 had this problem. I think the overall height will look ok from the side. I think it will reduce the bottom out problem.

    My question is will this look odd? Will it help with the bottom out problem? Am I missing a concept to understand?

    Thanks a ton for your thoughts.

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  2. smallhurst

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    Contact me if you want. I have a couple of ideas. 816-654-3400.
  3. PalmbchZ28

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    Jan 29, 2017
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    JD I have a stock 1980 Z28 and the 225 70 R15 are not an issue on my car. The front has never bottomed out.
  4. JD Z

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    Thanks guys.
  5. rchydzik

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    Check that your bumpstops are still on the A arms. They can rot and fall off. Without them, you might run into bottoming out on the tires.
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