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    Nov 16, 2001
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    Ever planning to use film tint to tint the side windows of your Camaro, but had major problems with the tint either peeling off or experience trouble with air bubbles forming in the tint film in the past? Try this trick:

    1. Remove both interior door panels.

    2. Clean your side windows to be sure they are free of dirt and grease. I sprayed starting fluid on the windows and wiped off with a lint free rag to insure the windows are grease free!

    3. Cut new window tint film with a razor blade or scissors so it extends 2" beyond the window edges, and more importantly, beyond where the interior door panel strip is usually located at the bottom! Make a template using brown wrapping paper if necessary to get the sizing correct before you cut the film to size.

    4. Peel off backing on film, wet window and sticky side of film with "Liberal" amounts of distilled water, (in other words soak it good!)and be sure to apply film tint to the side window so it extends beyond and below where the weather strip on the interior door panel is usually located! Start applying the film in the middle of the window and work your way towards the edges, but do not push down too hard so you can still make adjustments, just smooth it out with light pressure with your fingers! Don't get in too big of hurry! If you feel the film drags a little bit when you try to move it while its on the window and it not positioned correctly, soak it with more water and try moving it again, but very gently!

    5. Once the window film tint has been applied to the window and is positioned correctly, work from the middle out towards the edges with the squeegie to force out the water and remove all air bubbles. Be sure not to push "too hard" on the squeegie, otherwise you could cause unwanted creases in the film! When satisfied, let it dry for two hours or however long is recommended by the film's manufacturer.

    6. When the tint film is dry, trim all the edges with a "sharp" razorblade and then coat all the edges and the bottom of the tint with clear fingernail polish. The clear fingernail polish will actually seal the tint on the edges of the window like glue, keep air bubbles from forming later and keep the tint from peeling off!

    7. Re-install the interior panels and your job is completed.

    With this trick, your window tint should last for several years without peeling off!
    I tinted my Camaro's side windows back in 1984 and it still looks good after all these years. [​IMG]

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    Jun 20, 1999
    you want to know a real window tint trick instead of useing distilled water use windex.give that a try and after the tint is on lightly heat it with a heat gun from like a foot away so you dont burn the tint.
  3. Evrgrnland

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    May 1, 2000
    Best bet is water with a little dish soap in it.Keep soaking the glass.
    Most problems occur because the surface is wet enough.
    Alot of people ar scared to get their car wet.

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    If you use Windex, make sure it does not have ammonia in it, it will make the tint foggy looking. I learned this the hard way, been wondering why the windows on my S10 are foggy, Windex with ammonia!

  5. hhott71

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    Mar 30, 2001
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    The very best way to tint your windows isDON'T
    They weren't tinted on the first 75 years of the automobile and they don't need to be now.
    People need to be able to see through your car for better visibility. All that dark tint on other cars makes the roads unsafe.
  6. Evrgrnland

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    May 1, 2000
    Triple limo isn't that dark.

    "Tinted windows don't mean nuthin' they know whos inside".
    Run Dmc.
  7. mdatl

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    Jul 23, 2000
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    My tip on window tinting: haul your ass to the window tint shop.

    They say "never say never" well I'm saying "never" will I attempt another window tint job.


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    May 24, 2001
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    im right behind you!!!!

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  9. Mark Davis

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    I've done my own many times before. The easiest way for me is the way I saw my local shops doing it...
    They wet the OUTSIDE of the windows and lay the non-adhesive side against the outside of the window in order to trim the tint to the proper shape and size....then they take it off (it's still on a wet window, so it's not glued down) and wet the other side (the adhesive side) and apply to the inside of the windows, and then squeegee the tint to finish. It's MUCH easier to trim it from the outside, especially on the back window. Works for me. [​IMG]

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  10. 1980 Camaro Berlinetta

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    Dec 12, 2000
    Is tinting the back window in a 75-81 Camaro a pain in the butt? Just wonderin cause i am thinking of gettin the windows tinted on my 80 Berlinetta

    1980 Bright Blue Camaro Berlinetta 355

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