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Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by Shyheim Pierce, Oct 12, 2016.

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    WHY would you want to make a car look like that? That pic should be used as an example of what NOT to do to a 2nd gen camaro. Or any car for that
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    You can buy any size brakes you want with those size wheels. I suggest the biggest you can afford. The flywheel effect from those large wheels will hurt braking.

    Raising a car goes against all handling science. You might also introduce bump steer issues depending on how high you need to raise the front. It also may introduce driveline angle problems.

    Lets start here: how do you intend to use the car? Is there a budget?

    These are the most important questions to answer regardless of how you are building your car, raised, lowered or anywhere in between. And its important to be honest with yourself. We say we are going to race 75% of the time, but that often isnt really true. As an example.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    Its going to be my dream car its a car that i want to have forever thats why i want to build it and my budget is up in the air really because its a goal im not trying to do it all right away... But i know im going to build it regardless... It will be more of a light to light or 1/4 car if anything... I just want to say i built the car and i did most the work i know im young and it wont be easy but im doing ase training i work at a auto parts store and i have the complete tear down and rebuild of the vehicle i am a very big car enthusiasts im just trying to utilize all my references to help me with rhe build i really appreciate any help you guys give and i know most of the people on these dont really do the big wheel thing but id really like to make my dream car possible...
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    no one here means to piss in your cereal about the wheels, but I can say in the time I've been around these cars, and my experience in general, there is no benefit of doing wheels that size, besides looks(negative in my opinion). They are not good for the car, not good for the ride, not good for performance, and cause all kinds of havoc with braking. Google unsprung weight. There is a point of diminishing returns on this kind of mod. Most people I've seen do this, do NOTHING to the suspension and brakes, they just slap on big wheels and low profile tires. This, in my opinion, is a sacrilegious car mod...its like curb feelers, putting fake Buick vents on the side of a car, and even hydraulics to some degree. But if done right, each to their own, my personal opinions dont mean crap, BUT, you are asking for input, and we are giving it.
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    With those wheels your going to need the biggest brakes you can afford, I wouldn't go with anything less than 13-inch rotors. I'm not a huge proponent of rear disk conversions, I'm only doing mine because I got a kit dirt cheap. However, with those massive rear rims, it might be necessary.
    Since your a young guy like myself I'm assuming your not made of money.
    My best guess for brakes would be c5 swap with zo6 calipers, budget rears with parking brakes and a hydro booster should make up for the huge rims and maybe even improve braking over stock.
    I'd wait to hear what some of the more experienced members have to say about that braking set up. It might be over or under kill.
    Suspension wise.
    solid body bushings and subframe connectors are a no brainer.
    Sway bars of a ws6 trans am are the best bang for the buck.
    If you wanna spend the bucks aftermarket upper control arms are great for allowing more aggressive wheel aliments.
    If your staying stock tall upper ball joints are a good thing but there far from a miracle mod.
    del-a-lum bushings are the best you can get for control arms but there expensive. Most people here hate poly because it binds in control arms and leaf springs but a lot of other circles just break out the drill and screw in zerks and it works for them, I'd advise caution on that one. last but not least there's nothing wrong with rubber.
    in places where there isn't rotation like sway bars and motor mounts poly is great.
    good springs and shocks are important, there rather application specific.
    Hopefully someone who has way more practical experience than me can chime in. Im still building myself so the above is just my running idea of things.

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