Tips/advice for installing compressor hard line?

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    That sounds like a good compressor with 15CFM@175 PSI.

    To me, it makes no sense to run the pipe as in the pics above. Maybe if there's no room to run horizontally I guess, but otherwise, why create areas where water will collect?

    I used a 1" flex hose to standard lengths of 3/4" black pipe mounted to the wall horizontally with a slight angle so water has to drain back to the tank or to the filter/drier, and regulator at the end of 50' of pipe. It's just 4 10' lengths of pipe running front to back in the garage making 2 20' main sections, and then around 10' making up the rest on the ends. The 1" hose is because the ID of the fittings is 3/4" so I have 3/4" all the way to the dryer.

    I also used unions and ball valves so it could be pulled apart in sections. has a drawing of one way to set up an air system. I think they suggest closer to 100' of metal hard line to dissipate heat.

    You'll want to get some 1/4" elbows and nipples, and ball valve to move the tank drain out a bit to make it easier to drain water after running it. If you use threaded pipe, clean the threads with something, maybe brake cleaner so the thread sealer, say RectorSeal 5 I think works.

    50' is about the minimum setup and more would be better. I can add another 40' by duplicating the first 40' if I need to, but I get pretty good air now. It's like having another utility :)
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    I think black pipe is best.
    I ran it up the wall from my compressor into the attic. Then across the attic and back down to the filter and regulator. That gave me about 40 ft. I have drain nipples on the bottom of each end and I have a little tilt to the pipe so all the water goes back to one end.

    I put t's on the top in the attic because I plan to run more pipe to other drops in various places around the garage.

    I have read the horror stories about PVC and didn't consider it past a second.

    Also, heard that copper can be an issue because if you just solder it and you have pressure in the lines and happen to have a fire, it can melt the solder and you have a blow torch for the poor firemen.

    Compressor side (the hose reel is moved now and the 60 Gal IR is next to the pipe. The painted pipe is the gas line for my heater):

    Usable side (hose reel is now mounted to the left of the pipe and regulator.) I switch between the blast cabinet and the reel.
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    FYI for anyone interested, I ended up using this product. I was able to get their 100' line kit for ~$160 from Northern Tool since it was on sale and I could use a $20 off coupon on top of that. Compared to copper or steel pipe it was an excellent value. I already installed the line (~50' of line) and need to get a few more supplies to install the inlet and the filter/drier.

    Thanks for all the feedback, it was really helpful.

    Here is the kit I got:
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    X3. Love their products and they install easily. I recently bought the MaxAir kit and ran a 150' line from the compressor in my attached garage underground to the back garage. The line is 3/4" coated aluminum and can be buried with no corrosion worries. One big advantage of this is that I get 180 lbs of pressure in the back shop and the air has been cooled underground so I don't need a cooler to help separate the water.

    Absolutely LOVE it.
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    Interesting products. My 2nd garage is around 300 feet from my attached garage where my big air compressor lives. I wonder what would happen with 1" over that kind of run.
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    What are you using to separate water on the tool end?
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    Now that you have used it a while are you still happy with it?


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