Thread-bombing sale ads. READ PLEASE.

Discussion in 'Camaros for Sale' started by POS71RS, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. POS71RS

    POS71RS Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2002
    Central Coast, CA
    To be honest, I haven't really paid attention to this section popping up. In the only two threads I have read so far, I'm seeing a lot of posts that are insulting, and absolutely not necessary.

    Fellas, the rules in here are no different than the regular 'Swap' area. If you are not asking questions regarding buying the car, and it appears that you're only posting in the ad to disparage the car, that is not allowed.

    Repeated behavior will result in being banned from the site.
  2. Marks71BB

    Marks71BB Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Hear hear!!!

    I'll refrain.
  3. Chevrolaine

    Chevrolaine Veteran Member Gold Member

    A shame this even has to be said.
    That last thread was embarrassing and and totally unfair to the OP.:screwup:
  4. scot1074

    scot1074 Veteran Member

    Jun 3, 2004
    Prospect Ct, USA
    I'm sorry for being stupid but what exactly are you talking about? When somebody is asking a question about flow of their heads, and somebody breaks in with no knowledge and says that he has "whatever" sets of heads for sale.

    Let me be clear! I only ask because I've been seeing banner ads in the posts themselves. Which I thought was either my kindle or the website itself putting those in. It's been like 3 days that the banner type ads have been popping up randomly.
  5. 351maverick

    351maverick Veteran Member

    Aug 11, 2010
    erie, PA

    if a guy asks a question, that's fine....but if he does not, then he is NOT asking for anyone's approval/disapproval
  6. mgoad1971

    mgoad1971 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Jul 29, 2011
    Houston, Texas
    to be clear, we can hack on Camaros for sale in the craigslist section right? that's where I post crappy cars for sale, soley to be made fun of.

  7. Knuckle Dragger

    Knuckle Dragger Administrator Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Nov 2, 2002
    Waddell AZ
    If that's what it takes for you to feel good about yourself or what you have who are we to stop it. ;)
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  8. 71RS-TPI

    71RS-TPI Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    Brahahaha....... and members were complaining about abrasive discussions in the Special Projects section.;)
  9. ls777z

    ls777z Veteran Member

    Feb 19, 2000
    I think we need a "BAZINGA" smiley face....
  10. 1971CamaroGuy

    1971CamaroGuy LS Swapped 1971 Camaro

    Oct 31, 2004
    Same here, I'll leave it alone

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