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Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by dustypowers, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. dustypowers

    dustypowers Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Apr 21, 2005
    Atoka Tenn
    welcome to another nastz day and welcome to the cafe .:rolleyes:

    Rules For Cafe

    Upon Enter A Greating Is Require Its Keeps The Mood Positive!

    Other Wise U Must Misspell At Least One Word A Night That A Way I Don't Look So Bad!

    Have Nastyz Day

    a special thanks to mark71bb,idlzruf,april81z28,muscl car,bonzo,jim stokeland,john wright ,xxwickedz28xx yall make this cafe fun
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  2. Aceshigh

    Aceshigh Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    You're late, been here for 7 hours already.[​IMG]

    This isn't just "Another week" .....this is SUPERBOWL WEEK!!!!!
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  3. XxWickedz28xX

    XxWickedz28xX Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    May 22, 2001
    Carmel, NY
    This is going to be one looooong week for me!
  4. Jim Stokkeland

    Jim Stokkeland Administrator Lifetime Gold Member's another week already! Last week never really ended!

    Have a good/safe day at work everyone!
  5. Scatter

    Scatter Veteran Member

    Jun 26, 2003
    Millbrook, Al
    Yeah, I'll try not to get any papercuts :rolleyes:
    My job is so boring, which equals boring long week :(

    I did get alot done on the car this weekend though :)
  6. BTTB71SS

    BTTB71SS Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    May 10, 2006
    Harris, MN
    Good morning all

    Yet another week at the boring job.

    Like Scatter got a lot done on the car this weekend
  7. BonzoHansen

    BonzoHansen Administrator Lifetime Gold Member

    I have an idea for you post-whoring types. At a music site I frequent, we have a thread called the 'Coffehouse' thread. It's just a bull thread, say hello, whatever. It is good for casual conversations.

    It gets pruned once in the while (usually when it hits 90 pages LOL ) since there is nothing useful posted in it. But it gets posted into daily, and fewer 'less-then-useful' threads are started everyday.

    If you want to do that, I'll rename this thread and this will be it. Let me know.

    IDLZRUF Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    My day off today.Hope to put some progress on the Z and get the truck ready for smog check.
  9. hansoni

    hansoni Veteran Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    I belong to a sportfishing site, theres a page for the same called
    "The Bilge"
    nice because anything goes, topic, language, whatever.
    Always in good humor though.
  10. Jim Stokkeland

    Jim Stokkeland Administrator Lifetime Gold Member could get hung up in the copier!

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