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    Hi, I stuffed a 350ci and BorgWarner T10 in place of the stock 267ci/TH350 in my 80 camaro... just figured I would mention a few things to make the next guys life easier. The driveshafts ARE the same length, all you need to do is put the T10 yoke on the stock tube. You need a different starter and bolts (the bolts are shorter for the manual starter... that made me think I lost the starter bolts and made me do an un-needed trip to the parts store [​IMG]) The shifter hole IS NOT where the 4 dimples are on the tunnel. It is further back right on top of the hole for the th350 cable. Watch out where you put the spring which holds the clutch linkage to pivot arm... hook it in the wrong way and it will get knocked off. There are 2 dimples in the firewall under the brake booster for the clutch rod. Drill a 2" hole. you need a new speedo cable... still havent gotten that yet. IF you swap engines at the same time MAKE SURE to hook up the oil pressure sender! I had to relocate the sender and didnt take the time to extend the wires before trying to start it.... and the thing didnt start. You get no spark. For some reason the 1st time I put the t10 in reverse it ground a bit hasnt done it since. Maybe I pulled on a shifter rod or something. If you put engine/tranny in together pull the crossmember out first.
    Because I had to finish the swap in time to drive to work I didnt do the exhaust.... I would suggest if you have more time to have headers ready to go in at the same time you swap.
    I hope this helps someone. If you have any questions post here or email me any time.
    Happy Cruising.

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