Tesla will reveal semi-truck 'beast' next month

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    Before my time.
    Dude I work with is a big Rush fan, that's what he named his son. I'm like why would you do that to the kid.
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    Poor electric motors are still ~60% efficient, whereas the best ICEs are what, ~38% efficient? Electric motors always made sense - we were taught that back in the '70s, when I was in college. Batteries were always the problem.

    I'm still of the opinion that recharge time, not range, is still the biggest problem with electric cars. Figure out how to fully recharge batteries in 5 minutes, and electric cars take over.


    "But the Tesla’s playpen is only as big as the nearest supercharger. The gas-assisted Caddy’s range is limitless."

    "After electrifying the Pacific Coast with its handling and acceleration, my P100D drank 157 miles of range while covering 90 miles. Arriving at a Mountain View supercharger at 9:30 p.m., all 12 chargers were used with a waiting line four-deep. I shuddered at the thought of tens of thousands of cheaper Model 3s flooding the market next year — even as Tesla doubles its network. I retreated to my son’s apartment complex where a 240-volt Chargepoint station refueled the S for $21 over 101/2 hours."

    "The CT6’s charge lasted just past Clarkston up Interstate 75, but then I hoofed it the rest of the way to Charlevoix on gasoline."

    "A Tesla friend from Chicago met me there, sans Tesla. Up North would be a dead end for his Model S (not to mention the hassle of an hour-long, supercharger delay along the way). Charging the Tesla on the 120-volt socket in our weekend cabin would have taken a lifetime (heck, it took 19 hours to fully charge the 30-mile Caddy!), while recharging it on the local utility’s 240-volt teat would render the car nearly useless for the weekend."

    "So the Caddy wins the long-distance prize. And everyone else learns the limitations of mass-market EVs."
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    Nov 17, 2016

    Much of what you said was political.

    Yes I understand the lack of efficiency of the internal combustion engine.
    Your comparison of 1 gallon to a kw is not accurate. The ratings are based on EPA's formula, in which 33.7 kilowatt hours of electricity is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline. So if the gallon of gas costs $2.50 the equivalent if kw would be $4.38.

    I was simply pointing out that the vast majority of people that are pushing electric cars think its a magic fix. It isn't.
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    For short trips, stop n go and sub-highway speeds, electric simply can't be beaten. Most ICE's are more like 20% efficient, and that number drops to an effective 0% when idling.

    Think about your typical mail truck (the Grumann LLV)
    Mail trucks rarely (if ever) go over 30MPH, they stop every 100 feet and either shut off or idle. As a result, the LLV with its dumpy Iron Duke engine get's about 10MPG
    Imagine the savings (in pollution and $) buy switching from the LLV to an electric vehicle.
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    Dan- recharge rate would be an issue for me about 2-3 times a year (going to FL, mostly). But, both Tesla and VAG are working on 350 kw chargers, which should put 200 miles back in, in <10min. We have to wait.

    SS- BTU content is irrelevant, since what matters is how far that energy can take you for a dollar.

    Brett- think about garbage trucks- another great app. Being able to recapture most of that braking energy... huge.

    Change is coming. Personally, I think we'll be better off for it.
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    Nov 17, 2016
    If you want the most efficient electric vehicle you should go with fuel cell for the power source. The only by product is water & heat.

    If people are truly interested in the reduction of their carbon foot print they should be asking for them. They can also be used to power homes, work at night and without wind.
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    Looking at this I have a hard time imagining that they will be able to distribute the trailer weight very well or carry a max legal load.
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    What would be interesting is if an App like Waze or Google Maps added in an feature for various electric cars and their range. You would plan a trip and then select your electric car and it would tell you the charging stations along the way (if any) and tell you if you can actually make it. Next would be the wait times at the charging stations so you could see the original (ICE) trip time of 8 hours turns into 12 hours by the wait times at charging stations.
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    I beg to differ. The Volvo (D13 w/ I-shift auto) I drive every day will accelerate about that fast when empty. Every time I stop at a red light, a line of cars will form in the lane next to me...you know, because people think it's a sin to ride behind an 18 wheeler. I out accelerate that line of cars 90% of the time...and then they fall in line BEHIND me.

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