Tank Vent line w/water In

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    Oct 6, 2011
    back when my charcoal canister let go and the pellets went in the carb, I replaced all the rubber sections on the gas lines at that time, when my mechanic took the line off the vent line, about a QT of water came out. I replaced the charcoal canister with the superseded part that's for a grand national, it has an extra port on the top, but came with a plug, these have wadding in, not pellets they told me, we think the water was maybe due to the wrong fuel cap? I lost the OG cap back in the 80's leaving it on a pump one day, lol Not even sure where the cap I put on was from, year one at the time had replacement GM caps, so I went with the GM one. I've seen people put a small engine filter on the purge line to the canister to catch the pellets if if the screen inside rusts out to stop the pellets from going into the carb. When it's up on a hoist in the spring I'm going to see if the line has water in again, anyone run into this?
    (Btw, the car is a 78)
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    Never even heard of that happening with the pellets. Did a couple searches and now i know i aint using one.
    So the water was between the gas tank and canister or the carb and canister??
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