Talk about a cheap tire rack!

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    I've got my original wheels hanging around and tried to keep them out of the way. Displayed on the wall seemed ok, as long as an earthquake wouldn't knock them down.

    Heavy duty 6 inch long eye bolts 70 cents each. Predrilled holes and screw into studs about 3 1/2". Rope-already had.
    Yes, I considered if the eye bolt would ever let loose. The rope will rot first, and so easy to do over, especially if I find a better color.


    Tie a knot through a lug hole and done.


    You could always use a clip instead of rope at the end if you switch wheels more frequently.

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    You've got "The Kramer"!!!!

    Not a bad idea for wheel storage if you have the wall space for it. :D
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    Good eye. Yeah like that picture.
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