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  1. rtveit

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    Sep 3, 2005
    Sola, Norway
    I'm about to install an aftermarked rear sway bar. The instruction tell me to use the holes in the frame bottom above the rear of the axle.
    My car don't have any holes in the frame for the stock sway bar brackets, but there are two small mounts under the floor in the actual area.
    I wander if there can be different sway bar configuration for 1970 to 1973 Camaro, or was these mounts used for something different. rear-mount.jpg
  2. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
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    The early years had factory swaybar mounts welded to the upper part of the frame. On these cars you will not find the holes for the later bolt on style mounts. Also, the early frames will not be reinforced at that point to support a swaybar like the later ones were. The sway bar needs to be mounted to the frame, not the floor. To bolt to the frame of the early cars without reinforcement, you will need to first weld on some reinforcing steel to hold the load the sway bar puts on the frame, or the bolts will tear out of the frame.
  3. rtveit

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    Sep 3, 2005
    Sola, Norway
    Then it make sense that my friend's 1970 Z28 has welded brackets.
    Anyone know what my floor mounts was made for? They are located just front of the fuel tank strap mounts.
  4. l16pilot

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    Those are for the transverse muffler exhaust hangers....not reinforced enough to withstand the stress/forces imposed by a sway bar.
  5. rtveit

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    Sep 3, 2005
    Sola, Norway
    Thank you all for clearing things for me.
    Then the best option for me must be Hotchkis.
    The Addco won't fit, as the exhaust goes under the frame where the hangers should be, and I got Slide-A-Link arms.
    I know there was an aftermarked rear sway bar kit, which bolted to the floor. This ripped the floor in pieces.
  6. Zspoiler

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    May 6, 2012
    Federal Way, Washington
    You mount it to the frame,The floor flexes too much. You can look at the later cars as well, Chevy learned a lot of lessons over the years ,On my 1979 Z-28 RS I broke my factoryrear sway bar and mounting bracket. So I upgraded mine to a Herb Adams set up. And went to a 7/8 rear bar.But you can use other sizes. It can use polyurethane or rubber bushings.
  7. Lowend

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    Mar 25, 1999
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    I highly recommend welding in those upper mounts

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