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    This area is strictly for members to buy and sell cars, parts, and other merchandise that they own. Whole/parts cars can also be listed in our Classified Section, and users are encouraged to use that area first. No corporate or shop advertising/sales by non club sponsors will be allowed to be posted here (we have a Vendor Forum for that). Any member consistently posting parts, cars, care care services, or offering to part out cars in the Swap Meet Forum may be seen as offering a "professional service" and will be required to either limit such activity or become a paid supporting sponsor of NastyZ28.com. The ownership of the site has the final say on this matter.

    No thread should be "bumped up" more than once during a 48 hour period. The only member that is entitled to bump the thread will be the member that posted the ad. All responses must be directly related to buying/selling the item(s) being offered in the original post.

    DO NOT post in someone's ad to criticize pricing or item description. That should be kept to a private message. If you feel that a particular ad posted is intentionally misleading, please report the thread and explain your reasoning. This is done by clicking on the Report Post icon [​IMG] found underneath the person's username and avatar.

    All items listed for sale MUST have an asking price AND location included in the initial post. The asking price must be an actual dollar amount. Posting an item and just asking users to make offers is not permitted. Posting a price and 'OBO - best offer' will work as well.

    This is not a place for eBay/Craigslist/Racing Junk or other online swap/ for sale links to be left open. If you have an item you are selling on eBay and you would like to post it on here, state that the item is also listed elsewhere -for local sale, eBay, etc. in your auction description and include the eBay auction # and asking price in the initial post (in the Auctions Forum). PERSONAL Craigslist ads may be posted only (in the Swap Meet), not ones you find (those go in the Auctions Forum). All 'auction only' post belong in the Auctions Forum only. (ie - ALL ebay posts go in Auctions Forum, personal Craigslist in swap section, all others in Auctions Forum ;)) Hope this clears things up....

    All posts made in the Swap Meet Forum WILL NOT count towards your overall post count.

    Sales are to be held privately between buyer and seller. The club does not take any responsibility for the actions of anyone participating in transactions here.

    June 2011 addition - If you are posting multiple items for sale, please be kind and list them in ONE posting.
    This is so that everyone else that has posted isn't getting their items pushed to the 2nd page because you had 20 items to post up for sale. And for those with slower connection speeds, please do not post giant pictures of the items. If a potential buyer needs one, send it as an email please.

    If you have any questions about these rules, please contact a Swap Meet moderator or admin via PM.

    (NOTE: Swap Meet Forum rules are subject to change as needed)
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    Ya'all ought to read these periodically.
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    Firearms Policy

    While firearm sales are accepted on nastyz28, all transactions must be done legally through legimate Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) brokers and in keeping with state and federal laws. It is the buyer and seller's responsibility to determine the legality of their transaction.

    Magazines which hold more than 10 rounds may not be sold within California or to California residents.
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