Super T-10-Super Duty Home Built Snap Ring Pliers

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    Super T-10-Super Duty Home Built Snap Ring Pliers

    I started this post kind of as a continuation of

    1979 Z28 4 Speed - A never ending project!

    Two of the same images are in this new post: My Super T-10 with Snap Ring Plyers-5.JPG My Super T-10 with Snap Ring Plyers-1.jpg

    When I took my Super T-10 apart for the first time and tried to take the snap rings off with my Auto Zone El-Cheapo snap ring pliers, all they did was bend, becoming useless. They worked great on the small snap rings like A/C retaining snap rings. But not the strong stuff!

    I needed heavy duty snap ring pliers and didn’t want to spend money that I could be buying new valves and other parts with. That’s where I got the idea to make my own. I have fabricated many things out of steel, brass, aluminum, stainless. For example, I have actually cut stainless steel with a wood carbide blade without breaking the teeth, have to go slow, but it works, done the same thing with alum and brass. A few years ago I built an F-15 103mm Telescope that is over 9 foot tall when pointed straight up and it has over 375 parts including the hundred or so brass screws of which EVERY ONE have had the head reshaped and cut shorter. Even turned the 5 foot tube on a Lathe and it has a 10 inch brass dew shield. Shaped numerous pieces of brass and it took over two years to build and ended up as a six or seven thousand dollar telescope

    You can see that telescope with all it's parts at the addresses below and one image I put on this thread but I think you have to have a username & password to see the numerous images on the Astronomy forums-Takes about three minutes to do it. Reason is to show metal fabrication and technique.
    There are literally hundred's of hand shaped parts shown in the images such as gear drives on the inner Fork Mount and a lower gear box I fabricated.
    There you will see different ways to “Shape” various types of metal. Also how to get Drilled holes “EXACT” I mean within a thousandth of an inch! Actually very simple-just common sense.-Using Super Glue to do it is one of the ways.
    Believe me, when it comes to fabrication, there is ZERO difference between automotive and telescopes, or boats, guns, etc. They are ALL THE SAME!-The Same, They are all made from metal, they have tolerances, sharp edges have to be removed to reduce heat buildup and cracking. Heat has to be dissipated, Yes, even on telescopes there are heat issues. They can get VERY HOT causing distortion of the image! Therefore common sense plays a major role in making anything. See for yourself in the images of these two addresses.

    Anyway, I took an old piece of 3/16 steel I had (Home Depot or Lowes) and made the best snap ring pliers I have ever had. SUPER STRONG.

    Not only that, you can use the same design to build snap ring pliers to fit ANY application without spending big bucks!

    The two images of the pliers next to the transmission have two different views.

    Notice the inward curve on the tip and the side shot of the tip showing the little “points” which grip the end gap of the snap ring.

    Also see the offset grind where the connecting bolt is so that the two halves become centered.

    Last, after the pliers have been put together and closed with the tips touching, you then put a final “Light grind” on the tips so that they are flush.

    Not rocket science, just a little skill and common sense. All you need is an ability to be able to work with your hands and have an “eye for evenness”

    The tension on the bolt has to be tight. I recommend a lock nut.

    You can make your own lock nut similar to Chevy factory rocker nuts. They are just crimped (Out of round) Just take the nut and hit it once or twice lightly. When you screw it on it is very tight and stays in place, just like a stock rocker nut.

    If you want to put a spring in the handle, all you need to do is cut TWO Notches in each handle, the notches being even with the two opposite sides of the spring, The spring then fits into the notch in each handle.

    There you have it, self opening pliers. I don't care about springs though. When I buy a spring loaded pliers type tool, the first thing I do is toss the spring. No kidding, every spring loaded pliers type tool, the spring goes! I always put a finger one each side of the handle.

    Good luck, if you do a good job, you will like your new tool. Tape the handles OR dip them/ spray them with liquid rubber

    (Lowes & Home Depot has it)
    Here is a picture of that scope that took me over two years to build for my son. There are however, many more images of detail in the Threads I posted on the two forums.
    Like the green laser pointer and the detail of the gear box and the gear drive on the inner Fork Mount which cannot be seen here.

    Telescpe Hank's-1.JPG
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