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    Aug 2, 2017
    Found the 2 things that I didn't want to find, crappy body work and a reason to remove the A/C heater box and vents. I bought a Hobart 140 welder and a 125 cf bottle of c25 and got to work replacing a lot of the last guys bodywork. He had left a lot of pinholes, which have since rusted out even larger, and didn't replace enough sheet metal on most of his repairs. I don't have any special tools for shaping metal so I just used a hammer and vice to make creases and bends. I have been spray primering over my repairs and rust encapsulating the backsides. I've repaired about 15 or so spots around the car, so this has definitely been a crash course in welding and metal work for me, an I'm learning a lot.
    The worst rust was in the passenger floor pan, which had water leaking on it from the A/C box area. I removed both vent boxes on the inside and outside of the firewall and that was a huge pain. I did this on the El Camino I had previously so I knew it was going to be bad. To get to the last few bolts, I had to drop the exhaust and remove a fender. Even with those items removed, the bolt behind the cylinder head was nearly impossible. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, the last person to mount the heater AC box used an crazy strong sealer to seal it. I pried and scraped and yanked until it finally come off. Just removing the box took a weekend. Behind the boxes were several cracks, a rust hole or two and a separated seam, all of which I have repaired, along with the floorpan. I lap welded the floorpan using weld through primer, and I will seam seal and undercoat the underside. The weld through primer I used from eastwood was hard to weld spot welds onto, I think because of how little heat I was using. I scraped off a bit of the primer in the places where I spot welded and turned up the welder a bit and it worked better.
    I had to replace both bumpers because they were not worth the time in fixing them, I also got repro fenders because they both had lots a crappy patches on them so again, not worth the time. I think all of my replacement panels have been from goodmark. Below are a bunch of pictures.
    WP_20170908_21_35_40_Pro.jpg WP_20170908_21_36_07_Pro.jpg
    Bad bumpers

    New toy
    Rust underneath the A/C vent.
    Victory! Took forever to get this off.
    Pan entirely out
    Never thought I would have to disassemble the car this far.
    This is the separated seam on the firewall, post repair. Not the prettiest weld, but I couldnt clean inside the seam and it is was one of my first welds. I think it is the torque box to firewall seam. Right above that is a hole I patched. All of this is behind the A/C heater box so appearance does not matter.
    WP_20171001_20_04_27_Pro.jpg WP_20171001_20_30_03_Pro.jpg
    Pan replacement, weights are to hold it in place. The pan fit pretty good, but a few spots needed hammering, I found that if I made a tack weld, hammering within a few inches of that spot worked really well.
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    Aug 2, 2017
    Bumper support

    Since I am a real noob when it comes to welding and body work, I only bit off as much as I could chew. I had to replace a few spots with multiple pieces because It was rusted through both panels. All of the rust I found was right where the exterior sheetmetal met the inside bracing sheetmetal.
    Driver side fender patch, this one turned out a little warped near the rear.
    WP_20171010_22_36_41_Pro.jpg WP_20171011_23_02_13_Pro.jpg

    WP_20171012_15_23_05_Pro.jpg WP_20171012_15_40_27_Pro.jpg WP_20171012_18_40_43_Pro.jpg
    Passenger side in front of wheel well done. This one came out very good, will need a bit of filler.
    WP_20171011_23_02_22_Pro.jpg WP_20171012_22_04_33_Pro.jpg WP_20171022_23_26_46_Pro.jpg
    Passenger side behind the tire, Also very happy with this one, even incorporated the body seam into my patch.
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    Aug 2, 2017
    This is a patch I did on the passenger side fender extension.
    good penetraion
    ground flat
    Filled a few holes in the driver pan.
    Found rust behind where the accelerator pedal mounts.
    new patch
    Todays work, removing the dash pad and steering wheel for cleaning and eventually dying.
    This one gave me trouble on the top, it wasn't grime like the steering wheel, more like it was sunburned. This stuff will not wash off. Can I sand it? Can I spray the vinyl dye over it?

    I am now done with metal work (I hope) and have a few things to do before I put down primer sealer.
    -insulation on firewall
    -mount the engine bay side of the heater A/C box
    -mount fenders and bumpers
    -ready for paint prep

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