So I want to start my own business...

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  1. When I say tired, I mean of the stress and abuse in the emergency services field. Prior to this I was in Fire/EMS...I'm 52 but not ready to throw in the towel in life. I'm very active on the ranch and in the shop. I sit now for 12 hours a night and work holidays and weekends, I want a healthy change and I aint afraid to get down and dirty...I love to work and have zero health issues, don't smoke, drink or do any drugs...(anymore) over 20 years and doing great...You really need to check out this piece of equipment, it's not your old school blaster, this is state of the art for today....
  2. southern-breeze

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    Oct 24, 2004
    north alabama
    not sure how it is in texas,but for around here you have to list every piece of equipment ,tools ,desk ,chairs , anything used for my job,. then you have to pay taxes on the value of them. Now it is easier to lease most items, to keep from paying all of these extra taxes.
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    Paul, you have skill, build a better blaster ;)

    Ouch! for a regulated pressure vessel?

    ETA: A bunch of good advice posted above^^
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    Sep 3, 2000
    Tavares, Florida
    Sounds like you can does this as a side job will keeping your job. Could you rent a machine on an as needed basis so you don't have a lot of overhead? It sounds like you could probably do it with out a lot of overhead. Nothing ventured nothing gained!
  5. Check out some of these videos...This isn't your average blasting system. I can't buy used or rent or lease. Unless you understand how this works, you might not understand why I am looking at this system in particular. I've talked to folks at a few local restoration shops that said they would all put me to work. Its a start and I know not enough to sustain an income but its somewhat promising...
    Check out the link to videos below...
  6. 351maverick

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    Aug 11, 2010
    erie, PA
    it's a MUD BLASTER!

    the concept is interesting....but why not just blast traditionally at half the startup cost?

    I try to keep moisture the hell AWAY from my freshly blasted parts...NOT introduce it

    I did see that there is a corrosion inhibitor in the liquid, but it's still water
  7. Well, I got approved for the loan but the payments are as much as we pay for our house...Really bummed....
  8. dustlessblasting

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    Jul 10, 2017

    How are you?

    I am jack from Joint dustless blasting machine factory.

    Are you interested in quality and cheap dustless blasting machine?

    Thank you!

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    Jun 1, 2010
    I think the OP may want to do some market research on the demand for dustless blasting in and around Fredricksburg. The question would seem to be how to do that... Might also search craigslist for example for dustless to see what the market saturation is--that is, who else is doing the same thing. Just for grins I searched my area and got 31 hits. Not a lot and many from the same poster, but still worth spending 5 minutes on.
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    Sep 21, 2015
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    Have you thought about a mobile wash business?
    I have worked with many fire fighters, EMS, cops etc who have started their own part or full time biz...
    Less investment and I don't know anything about dustless blasting but the potential for this business is great...
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