Small primaries and large primaries

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    May 6, 2012
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    What is that so called "mechanic" talking about.I have run 3310 750 CFM Holleys for years. It all depends on your tune on the carb. And how you drive. A Q-jet is around 750-800 CFM. It sounds like he is trying to sell you a carb.
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    Zspoiler, thanks for the post. They might be selling me 2hrs labor. I ordered the carb so they make nothing there. This is a 40 year old shop, well respected in the area. 1960-1980 cars in there all the time when I drive by. I don’t suspect they are selling.

    The biggest challenge is the no choke. And, I want 0-40 snap as much as 0-70. RPMs I don’t see going over 6k. Research supports 750 is too large for me.
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    when you say you want a 0-40 snap and 0-70, are you talking mph?

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