Side pipes!!!

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by samuel, Nov 11, 2016.

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    So sorry to hear about losing your dad!

    Are you saying that you have stock exhaust manifolds on your engine now? Performance wise it would be better with headers but also more work
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    Great job MotionClone those turned out great!
    We just bought a 454 for our own 77 Motion Clone (no front and rear panel change) and would love to add sidepipes and were also thinking about using the Patriots as a base but wonder if using Corvette 4" header/sidepipes might be a little easier to modify since they already have "roughly" the same shape.
    Has anyone done this or can comment on just how far off these are to being able to fit?
    We prefer black pipes so the finish might be a little easier.
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    I have patriots on my 70 and they fit just fine, hooker still makes the headers for a vette, I've thought about buying the paonted set and modifying them to fit the Camaro, then having them chromed, pull ther fake adapter out of the patriots and mate them to the headers, you're gonna be a couple grand into this project, I've found no way around it, I built a motion clone and these pipes are an issue
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    Apr 14, 2017

    What is the length on the pipes, I've been looking at 50 inch side pipes but I don't know if that'll be to short.
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    my 1972, Motion Clone

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    Wanted to let you all know that on your fastest muscle cars you forgot about the 1969 l88 vette it will beat the 427 cobra any day of the week makes close to 600 hp from the dealer. more naturally aspirated hp than any muscle car from the 60s or 70s and I️ believe even to this day if any one can tell me what other muscle car from the dealership without a blower or turbo make as much hp I️ would like to know what it is thanks
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    That car is f'in gorgeous.
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    I had to build my sidepipe setup,, I used the Hooker headers for the pancake 4 and Headman Hustlers off the engine. The Hooker headers are 2 1/8" and the Hustlers were 2" so with the leftover cut out turns were reused to join everything together, pieces slide inside each other. I also did have a spare subframe and big block for ruff jig set up.

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    there is a set of hooker super comp side pipes, they are chrome. his number is below. They were on 1977 Camaro.
    414 322-4261
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    To the top.... hopefully someone will see this and get them!

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