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  1. Allen Renner

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    Dec 25, 2017
    Guys I'm 61 years old and have played with Camaros all my life. Years back I had an 81 Z28 that I loved but just hated the way all 2nd gen Camaros sat lower in the rear than the front. For some reason the front always seemed too nose-high. Well I decided to call a company called VSE ( very special equipment ) ran by a guy named Herb Adams. Remember this was years ago. VSE specialized in suspension equipment. Herb himself answered the phone and told me a cheap, easy way to improve the stance. I think he mentioned working for GM as a suspension engineer. He told me to hear him out before scoffing at his fix! Then he asked if I was aware of the old shackle kits people used to buy. I said yes but hated them cuz they looked goofy sticking out of the back of a leaf spring car that was raised super high! Most people stopped buying them for that reason. He said if I'd look under my car I'd see factory shackles that hold the rear of the leaf springs tucked under the rear pan. He said factory shackles measure 2.5 inches from center to center of the mounting holes. If I'd look at a set of aftermarket shackles there are a selection of holes to allow different lift heights. The first set of holes measure 4.5 inces from center to center. He said to install them using these holes and cut off the excess. They will still tuck under the rear pan and not be seen but lift the back of the car about an inch or so! I did the install and the difference was impressive! Leveled the stance out and gave a little more tire clearance room. He also said there is a bump protruding in the rear wheel well that the seat belt bolt is on the inside. You can massage that bump with a hammer for a little more tire clearance. Worked really well for me and I've done it on a couple other cars. Just thought I'd share that. The shackle kits are pretty cheap and not a difficult install.
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    Sounds like SPAM to me!
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    The same guy (Herb Adams) designed a lowered front mount for the rear springs.

    It depends upon how you want the car to handle...

    Raising the rear of the spring with adjustable shackles is an easy way to change the stance.
    Lowering the front spring mount (setting it farther upward into the pocket) improves the handling.
    Protouring mods lower the center of gravity on both ends of the car.
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    Aug 13, 2017
    The stance I was taught: "Set your feet about shoulder width apart and follow through."
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  5. Allen Renner

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    Dec 25, 2017
    I was a little concerned about handling too but I think Herb mentioned it would improve slightly and that's how I've found it. It's a cheap, easy mod that offers a slight but noticeable improvement to ride height. I've done several and really like it.

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