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    Jan 31, 2001
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    I added it to the oil in my 170K mile Dodge Dakota, it it not only knocked loose a TON of sludge, but when I pulled the oil pan to clean out the sludge, the paint on the INside of the oil pan can off while I was wiping the pan clean! Not sure I want to leave it for a long time in oil again, but I do use it in the gas, and pour down the carb. I found it for using on my 30 yr old 2 stroke boat engine. It creates a smoke show like hell has come down to earth in the boat motor, and has liquid carbon running out of the exhaust for days after using it, so I know it works.

    I also know it works because I used a small amount in a bowl with a toothbrush to clean carbon off of spark plugs, and gasoline/carb cleaner/ kerosine/ anything else has not worked as completely or effortlessly as Seafoam to do this.

    I can only find the stuff at NAPA .
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    Yo! I have three bottles in my garage right now! I really like this stuff,...and I've got eleven vehicles! I'll try soaking my oil fouled plugs from my '42 JD B tractor and see if they'll run! Thanks, Todd.
  3. I get mine at Advance auto parts or Pepboys too. Asphaltburner, let me know how it works on the B. Id like to know if it works on plugs.
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    Sea foam and deep creep are good shit.

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    I use it in my blazer 2 clear up a miss every few thousand miles, works everytime. tryed it in my buick, idles a little more smoother now. Walk behind lawnmowers, 2 old honda motorcycles, stuff works great in the gas of everything I have tryed it in, but it will eat gaskets I wouldnt leave it in the crankcase or in fuel lines for any lenght of time.
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    Another great product is OMC Carbon Guard. You have to go to a marine dealership to get it. I was a marine mechanic and managed several other snowmobile/snowmobile/motorcycle/marine dealerships and this was a product that is well worth the cost. I use it in every carburetted piece of equipment I have ever had from lawn mowers on up. While you throttle up (1/2) you spray the stuff down your carb and keep pumping it in until the engine dies. leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes so it can break down the carbon deposits and other crap and fire it back up. Throttle up and let it run for a few minutes to blow out what it's eaten up. Works awesome. They have a better version of seafoam too.

    I always fall back on the marine view of mechanics because your dealing with motors that are operating at full speed and under full load. I've bought many an old Mercury v-8 and put them in cars and trucks. even raced a few in my old open wheel mod years ago.
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    The stuff that does the same thing from a Dodge dealer is much much better. I have had great results with Sea Foam and doubted the mopar dealer stuff could be any better, but much smaller of a dose cleans out more than Sea Foam can. It does cost more though...
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    I bought an 86 Accord with 250k and it had a studder at idle. I ran it throught throttle body and brake manifold port and it idled like a champ after. I haven't touched it and it just rolled over 309k. It will give a good smoke show as mentioned above. I use the Deep Creep also. They have it at the Zone.
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    Jan 19, 2011
    its messed up to see seafoam cost 4 dollars in 2006 and now its 10 bucks, 8 at advance when its on sale
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    Dec 29, 2000
    poor Hd 30 w oil down your carb while hot and running may have the same efect

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