Restore Center console lid?

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  1. CamarosRus

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    Dave, I have several 70 Console projects with unbroken parts
    needing assembly.........

    I'm thinking that restoring the console vinyl lid to show
    condition is the most difficult task. I bought repop OER
    console lids but sent them back.

    Would you or whom else assemble (restore) my OE console parts ???

    Do you coat everything with SEM adhesion promoter and Landeau Black\
    OR clean good plastic and spray/wipe with ??????

  2. 70lt1z28

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    Oct 3, 1999
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    Hi Chuck,
    Not sure who to recommend to do your console. I would love to as I like doing them, but am slammed for time right now. Barely making any progress on my car right now. Frustrating.
    I got lucky on my lid as it was pretty good. I remember rebuilding it back in the early 80's. The cover was good, but it came de-glued from the inside plastic shell. I think I peeled the cover off at the time and used some epoxy or something to re-attach it. Even with this the cover doesn't perfectly match the shape of the rest of the console. It bugs me a little but time to move on. I think it's just how they were made back then.
    I did use the SEM adhesion promoter stuff and sprayed the entire console with the Landau black. Then I went and additional, but maybe not correct step of masking the entire console except the area where the shift plate goes and sanded out any scratches and sprayed that area with SEM gloss black. Its a slight contrast to the Landau black but there is a break line around the upper edge where I taped off so you can't really tell. The gloss looks good in this area. I masked off the shift plate and painted the perimeter of it gloss black also, leaving the chrome top edge line.
    I also used the SEM flat clear over the Landau and gloss clear over the shift plate area to add some protection. Really like their products.
    The hardest part was finding a good ash tray extension. They all seem to crack along the top and the screw holes. The one I finally found from a member here had two very faint hairline cracks but I was able to stabilize those with epoxy on the underside (along with the screw holes) and when I painted them the paint bridged the cracks so they completely disappeared, hopefully never to return!
    I then re-flocked the inside of the compartment. I used this stuff:
    I've only got about 30 hours into the console. More then I had planned for sure, but that's how the whole resto is going.
  3. CamarosRus

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    Dave Nelson and others.....I have enough good pieces (I think) to put together at least (I need TWO for my own cars)
    One or Two Complete consoles......Is there any demand and value $$$$$ for OE Console??

    I ordered and sent back OER Vinyl 70-72 Console Lid as I just didnt like the "look"
    compared to OE, but if you have no choice.......

    Please post GOOD pics of your GM consoles AND OER reproduction
    including LIDS !!!!!!!
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