Replacement VIN tag, Problem solved. (Florida Specific)

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by CamaroGP, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. dave@ztech

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    Mar 27, 2016
    Well , check in Hagerties book, that sells cars and parts , they have lots of guys advertising tags that they can make cheaper then the amount you mentioned
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  3. Lynd McCormick

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    Oct 6, 2017
    Finleyville, PA
    Well one nice thing, the VIN includes the letter T for the engine code that indicated the higher power 245hp/350ci/Z28 engine. Trim tag or not, there should be no doubt of the authenticity of it being a Z28, just the RS can't be proven. I doubt the authenticity of the RS anyway because it doesn't have the one year only longer crash bars for a 73. Long bars or not, the trim tag won't prove or disprove RS. I'd just like to have it on there.

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