Replacement VIN tag, Problem solved. (Florida Specific)

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by CamaroGP, Mar 24, 2017.

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    I am posting this because I have seen several threads on this and it seems there is always several different answers. This is what I went through. When I built my car I removed the VIN tag in the dash to replace some metal and fabricate a new dash panel. Well, by dumb butt lost the darn tag. So I completed the build. The title matched the body stampings, so I figured I would be OK. I got talking to deputy sheriff at a car show and he questioned me about the missing tag. I told him the story and asked him if he wanted to match the registration numbers to the body stampings. He said no, he believed me. However did say that the next LEO that notices it might not be so understanding. That my car could be impounded until the matter was cleared up. Oh crap my baby in impound, car jail. Yikes! The deputy told me to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and see about a replacement tag.

    So off I went, and stood in a 45 minute line to talk to somebody that clearly didn't want a complicated problem to deal with on a Friday. After the DMV conversed with her boss for about 10 minutes I was sent to another office. The office of Department of Motor Services. Hmmm, never heard of them. So, following the instructions I found this little hole in the wall office burried amongst the other government offices. The lady at the DMS office asked me if I had a clean title for the car, which I produced and showed her. She disappeared into a cubical for a few minutes and came back, telling me that I will need to bring the title back along with the car so they can look for the "Hidden VIN" and match it to the title. Then they would fill out a form and send it to Tallahassee where they would issue me a new/replacement VIN. She told me the replacements are special stickers that they[DMS] will put on the car.

    After bringing my car to the DMS office and getting it authenticated, I just got a call that my new VIN was in and to bring the car back. So I loaded the hotrod on the trailer and took her back.

    This is what I got.
    A sticker in the windshield


    And one in the door frame. Which has HSMV (Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) on it and neither DMV or DMS. Governments and their acronyms are mind blowing.


    The best part of it all was the cost...........FREE!
    That surprised me. The lady noticed and explained that the DMV/Tax collectors offices are county run(even though they issue licenses and plates :confused:) and the DMS is state run.

    This is how it is done in Florida. I cannot say for other states.
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    thanks for posting
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    Wow you dodged a bullet on that one!!!
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    That is how most States handle a lost VIN tag. They cannot replace it with another tag with the same number, but if they deem the car to be legit, they can make up a tag with their own number on it.
    This is a lesson for people who remove the original tag. It is never a good idea. You are just setting yourself up for future problems.
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    Where was the DMS office located. I live in Orange park FL, I need something similar done. I have to get some vehicles out of my way before I can haul my car to the local tag agency to have the state of Vermont VIN verified. I bought a car with the original VIN removed and it was redone and riveted in the same area as the stock VIN. The Title matches the new VIN but I had trouble with local LEO and NICB and Florida HSMV guy that all converged to look at my car. No one wanted to step forward and sign off because they had never seen anything like it before. The NICB was a former FBI guy. They were all very nice guys and wanted to help but they just dropped the ball. I pulled the heater cover and got at the Confidential VIN which Identified the car as an 81. The trim tag also shows it is an 81. The Title is for a 78. I got the seller to get a freshly issued Title in his name along with a bill of sale. The HSMV Guy told me that I should be able to get it registered with the new info but it would have to be a 78 and not an 81. Originally the guys all told me that the car would have to have the original VIN put back on. The Con VIN is only a partial and the Original would have to be something like 1G1AP87H 1BL134xxx. The only trouble is MY insurance company said that no such VIN exists. The check digit number is the one that throws it off. The Insurance guy said the one I gave is close. The 1 is a 0 in his record. I don't know how it could be. The Con VIN is clearly stamped with a 1 and not a 0. No 81 Camaro From Van NUYs would have the same last six in the VIN. Someone totally got it wrong when the revin happened along with spelling Camaro as Camero. The cops said they never saw any title with Camaro on it. They said it should read as Chevrolet 2Dr Coupe. That was odd to them. When I first tried to talk with The local Tag agency they could not even get past a vin with less than 17 characters. I asked to speak with the supervisor and the got pissed off at me. I told her that cars prior to 81 did not have 17 characters and what would you do for an older car from out of state. They did not have an answer. I don't care about the car being worth a lot less. I just want to move forward and get thing thing legal so I can fix it and go play like all you other guys.
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    How did they check ur hidden vin, did they actually pull it apart to access it
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    My firewall is vacant! No inner fenders. So the guy just popped is head in behind the front tire with it turned sharp to left. Number is plain as day below the spot where the blower motor was.
  8. CamaroGP

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    Nov 10, 2012
    Summerfield, Florida
    I have the same exact VIN as I always had. I matches my title. A replacement.
  9. CamaroGP

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    Nov 10, 2012
    Summerfield, Florida
    I'm not sure in Orange Park if/where the DMS office is. In Ocala it is located at 18 SE 25th Ave, Ocala, FL 34471. It is part of the McPherson Complex. (not shown but right next to building 2 in link)
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    Nov 10, 2012
    Summerfield, Florida
    Since the VIN registered to the car is good and the title is good.
    The replacement VIN sticker carries the original number.
    If the car would have been home built or is an antique that didn't have a VIN I'm sure the process would involve a new VIN number being assigned to the vehicle.

    title VIN_zps1h81wdmk.jpg
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