Rear Seat Hump Cover Question!

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    Aug 5, 1999
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    just out of curiosity , what is the correct stitch pattern on the stitching of this piece . my car has a 1/4 inch stitch pattern . the repo ones in this thread have a much tighter stitch pattern . should there be a difference in the years or what . what do some of the originals look like for what years . i can feel the jute underneath the piece. (flame retardent suit on ) [​IMG]
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  2. CamarosRus

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    twozs, Two of my original examples are 1/4" stitched and another one has 3/16th inch stitch spacing.
    I will ask the mfg what they are using AND if they have any other stitching alternatives to offer us ????

  3. CamarosRus

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    Mfg states "our stitches, punch hole to punch hole, measure 1/4" (give or take 1/16")."
  4. CamarosRus

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    I have three members wanting these pads ............please express YOUR interest by Emailing me at

    Do you want shipped to your address or will you want to pick-up (no shipping charge) at the CAMARO Nationals ????????
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    Chuck, sorry to ask a stupid question but here goes. Is there not supposed to be carpet under the jute / cover on the hump? My carpet was replaced at some point and now has a carpeted hump and vinyl only hump cover.

    I am interested in one of these, however does than mean I need to remove the carpeting that covers the hump to use the jute / vinyl cover?
  6. CamarosRus

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    Hello Frank, This was discussed in another post or thread (??). I believe the later years 2nd Gen used a rear carpet that had a "tail" to cover the hump and not the vinyl/cardboard/jute piece that was used from 70'-75' (??).

    Anyway you would want to remove the excess carpet and install one of the new covers as shown above in misc pictures.

    I'm putting together a list of names, contact info, colors and quanty.

    Drop me a line at if you choose to order one.

    Thanks for the question

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    I'm there too

    Funny this came up,I am redoing my whole int and that pad on mine is to be fixed is original and I can tale a pic of it for reference if you guys are comparing stitch-paterns and size. I was thinking of just gluing on some nice black leather..the int was red and gonna be all black...great site as always
  8. 71 Camaro

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    Jan 10, 2007
    Just for reference here is pic of original I have. it's pretty thin.

  9. CamarosRus

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    THANKS to those three members with paid orders. Your shipment is en route if not already received.

    Others are on lists to receive at Camaro Nationals(free freight) and/or the Muscle Car Nationals in Chicago (Nov, 2011)

    I still have the Hood Insulation Pads and Flock Lined Cardboard Glove Box Inserts.......

    Please write me at BELOW EMAIL........

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    I am having Dark Green rear floor hump covers made for John Haislip and Mike Steitz's L-78 Camaros. These are being made with the (special order) correct MADRID graine OEM style material. I hope to have these at the Nov 19th Muscle Car Nationals in Rosemont,IL (Chicago).

    It will be easier and less expensive to make more of the Black rear floor covers
    as Black is not a special order (in this case)

    Please examine your needs and think about ordering NOW, if you can pick up at the Chicago show, as your shipping charge will be considerably less.

    Write my Email below if youd like to order ..........

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