rear disc brake e brake options?

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    I think the rear disc adds some value for sure.
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    My car has the late 2nd Gen Firebird rear discs but the calipers are missing a bracket to interface with the parking brake cable. Never worried about it with the TH350, but now I've got a T56 Magnum in there and I need the parking brake to work. Anybody have a source for the caliper-to-cable brackets/lever/arm/whatever it's called?

    NEVERMIND...I answered my own question:
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    I think you're smart to stick to the drums, like you said. Just my opinion and not trying to be an ass or anything but...
    All rear discs do is bring up the "COOL!" factor a little. The majority of actual stopping power comes from the front brakes. I'm also glad to never have dealt with all the problems i read from people who have made or have tried to make the swap. To me, its something for the man who already has everything. I bought a rebuild kit for the drums and painted everything as I went to make it look nice. There IS the advantage of quickly changing pads instead of shoes but, like i say, the rear brakes don't do much anyway so they hardly wear compared to the fronts. Mine were 35 years old and still had a lot of shoe left. If you're rich, go for it. But, most of us aren't or we'd drive a way badder ass car than a Camaro or a Chevelle. I can think of many ways to spend the money that would be a way better use of it than rear disc brakes. Like more Horse Power! Or, BEER!:D
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