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    Oct 22, 2017

    I hope the mods don’t delete this or his posting as it can help out other members on this forum.

    If anyone is interested in this car don’t bother. I am saving you a lot of time, money and headache. Take the time to read and look at these pictures and you will see what I mean.

    First off where do I start, I have been talking to Anthony “Tony” for about a month now about coming to see the car and I had asked him for a lot of detailed pictures and if the body had any problems or if the car needed anything, you know the all the common questions you would ask about a car. Well it took him a week or two just to do that because he was either too “busy” watching football or just lazy which I’m assuming. One day I finally get pictures and not DETAILED PICTURES that I had asked for, he also included pictures that were listed in the ad which I did not want but ok sure.

    After a few conversations and text messages he insured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed and if I had any questions to call or text him. Well one thing I did keep asking him was a picture of the trim tag which took over 2 weeks to get. I also asked for build pictures and only got a few of the car painted in a barn 5-6 years ago that should have been a sign right there that the body was going to look like sh*t in person but of course he said this was a “5-6k” paint job so giving him the benefit of doubt I believed him. I felt as if it was pulling teeth from this guy just to get photos, I mean if you are listing a car for sale on a forum full of people from all over the world then what do you expect?

    So I take his word and I decided to make an offer and we came to an agreement of 27k and was convinced I wouldn’t be disappointed and it was worth every penny that I didn’t need anything to do anything to it. I said ok great give me a few weeks to schedule time off from work, book a flight, find a shipping company, book a hotel etc etc as I was sure I was going to buy the car and I needed to be within a budget so let me shop around.

    As the day comes we exchange texts and a few phone calls before I take the flight out which was last night 10/21/17. I arrive and I check into my hotel, we then drive out to his house to see the car which is about 30-40 minute drive. I get there and the first thing I notice is the sh*tty paint job that was done in the barn. It was dark but he had shop lights up in his garage so it was ok but like they say never look at a car at night it hides a lot but this one sure didn’t.

    After going over the car I see how much more of sh*tty job they did, tape lines that were masked off peeling paint on the inner fender, trunk, hood, doors, door sill, front nose, dents on the roof, orange peel, over spray, and a bunch of paint chips all in between the panels and paint cracking on the roof, FAKE RS nose as it chipped as you can see the fiberglass. He told me this car has been “stored” in the garage and has not moved more than 1000 miles on the build since body & paint and only 31 miles since the “new” LS2 swap, how could this not be noticeable if it didn’t go anywhere. The engine is painted and of course the paint is also chipping all over the motor and it looks like sh*t.

    Tony said he had been working on the car before I had got there because the hideaway wipers were acting up and didn’t notice all the crap that supposedly the neighbors did yard work and it got debri over it and that it only needed to be clay bar. He also kept saying if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be no hard feelings to him if I didn’t want it, at this point I’m thinking he should be apologizing to me for telling me it didn’t need anything after coming all the way from California and seeing all these problems. I told him I was still interested since I did come all this way maybe he would negotiate a little so I told him if we can just look at it tomorrow when it’s nice and sunny outside. He said he would detail it because it would clean it up and that there would be no problems with the paint of course he convinced me thats all it needed I said ok let’s just shoot for tomorrow 10/22/17. I didn’t get to drive the car because he didn’t feel comfortable of me driving the car at night so I said ok that’s fine so we get back in his other car and he takes me back to my hotel. My intentions when I got there was all I needed to do was go over it, sign papers, pay the guy & hop in and be on my way.

    So this morning I text Tony to ask him when we were going to meet and if he can drive the car here to my hotel. I told him if I liked it I would drive back to his house which would be my test drive that I didn’t get to do but now Tony isn’t “comfortable” about driving it that “far” (40 miles) and that the tune needed to be “finalized” with extended driving. Well 80 miles round trip should be more than extended driving but he suggested he would feel more “comfortable” towing it instead. Now I’m assuming this car isn’t reliable and needs more than what he says. First of all I didn’t come out here to buy a project I was assuming it didn’t need anything, now it needs bodywork paint and tune? Now he has a problem of picking me up to come look at the car because I was “too far” well if knew i couldn’t drive the car I would have got a rental. So I told him if he did not want to bring the car to me or pick me up then I will have to pass on the car, he told me he’ll think about it and call me back.

    After 20-30 minutes he came to his senses and decided to come pick me up, an hour later he shows up with his dad (which was cool) and we went back to his house. He pulls the car out and within seconds I notice more body and paint work that needed to be done. I pull out my phone to take pictures and videos and before I get halfway around the car Tony interrupts me with the “if you don’t want it it’s ok no hard feelings” by that time I was just only on the driver side I walk over to the passenger side and noticed the left quarter panel was off, it was not shaped as the new quarter panel that had been replaced and he is now just barely “noticing” it like he barely noticed the overspray, ugly stripes that weren’t masked and taped correctly. By this time I point out a lot more problems within a few minutes and I told him if he would negotiate I would still consider it but he was very firm on his price. So no deal and in 5 minutes we get back in the car and leave, mind you this I still did not get to test drive the car but at this point I didn’t care anymore but the dad did as he was really a nice guy that actually considered my time coming all the way from California, he knew Tony wasted my time. Tony also had the nerve to ask me what kind of offer I would of made after the fact he didn’t give a rats ass he wasted my time I didn’t counter any offer as I didn’t care anymore I was just done bullsh*tting with this guy

    Moral of the story this car needs a lot of work more than he says. FAKE RS fiberglass nose, who knows if it’s a real RS, he’s had this car for 8 years he could have source all these parts as he has a bunch of spare parts in the garage, can’t forget the bodywork it needs. The whole car needs to be taken apart to be done correctly lines don’t line up and quarter panel needs to be replaced and who knows what else the paint his hiding underneath as it had slight surface rust on the passenger door which he also told me it has been epoxied, primed, and sealed.

    Don’t listen to him if you’re across country, locals might be ok. He thinks he can get 30k at mecum auto auction lol..20k max you’ll spend 5-10k on the body not including tuning. My lesson learned saves others the headache. I saved all text messages if anyone would like to see what our convo was was all about for a whole month check out the pics..

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    Oct 22, 2017
    More pictures

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    Oct 22, 2017
    Pics of barnyard paint job

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    Oct 22, 2017
    Fiberglass nose

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    Aug 22, 2015 utah
    Well, it is a real RS with all the 73 crash bars I see.
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    Sort of sounds like it was never buffed out. First sign of a deal breaker is he wouldn’t let you drive it next is he wouldn’t drive it to pick you up. Did you a least hear it run? It does look nice. I guess he would of freaked of if you told him you wanted to pull up the carpet to check the floor boards.
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    Oct 22, 2017
    Going to need more than a buff unless you like sand paper marks that are in the paint, paint chips on every panel and one quarter panel that isn’t the same shape as the other side. Also claimed he spent hours wet sanding and buffing the car with a buddy who did the paint job, after noticing all the defects on the body he claims that he isn’t a body guy now. Well if you weren’t why not let a professional do the job in the first place instead of a crappy job that needs to be redone.

    Car does run but who knows if it drives he did pull it out the garage but that’s as far as it got. 31 miles in two years doesn’t sound like it can go far to me, can’t forget the oil leak. Was going to do further inspection and take more pictures but only rushed to brush me off and tell me this car is not for me and that he didn’t have hard feelings if I didn’t want it. Of course the famous line is that it’s not a 50k show car but I also didn’t come out here for bodywork repaint and tune on a car that I was told needed nothing and I wouldn’t be disappointed.
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    Good thing you didn't buy it sight unseen like a lot of folks do. That's just the surface, its after you buy the car and start digging into them is when you find the real secrets....
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    Wow quite a story. How did you not blow your top after going all that way?
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    Sorry to read this but a small investment in time and money saved you from a bigger expense and disappointment. Boy, if I followed that advice too..
    Anyway, when you are back in the market, I will have a '73 Z28 with a crate 5.3, T56, 12 bolt coming on the market soon.

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