Quick paint job for Z wheels ON THE CAR....

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    Remove the trim ring and stuff newspaper in the slot that the trim ring slips into the wheel, all around the wheel, leaving it hang out about 6 inches. Mask off the valve stem. Get 5 plastic lids from Armor All or something else the same size. Put them over the lug nuts. If you have spray can paint to match the color of the wheels, (Plastikote cast gray is very close), dust it in by the lugs because the caps do not cover the lugs entirely, as there may be about one eighth or one-quarter inch of the lug nut still open near where it seats at the wheel. Paint the other areas of the wheel liberally. Comes out great with no overspray. Although you don't get at the outer lip where the trim ring clamps on, the other portion of the wheel looks great that you did get. Remove the paper, tape, and 5 caps. Put the trim ring back on. Great for a quick blitz before a car show. Takes not long at all!!

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