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    Self explainatory:
    • Post the links here.
    • Give an explaination of what we're seeing
    • Give the size of the video (to help out the non T1
    Enjoy. I know everyone has been wanting this....don't spoil it. Keep the comentary to 'other' posts and not in here please.
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    This video is from when I first got the car runing with the 427. First time to the track and wouldn't ya know I toss the belt in the burnout. Car was over 220 when I left the line.:eek: The camaro that pulled up there hurried though the pits to get next to me when he saw me head up there. I was expecting something decent since it was open headers and all but well no matter what you have under the hood you are not going anywhere quick with single track and regular radial
    Me VS Primered Camaro

    These next to races were filmed on a closed corse somewhere in Mexico.....;)

    This race is of me runing a friend from Fort Worth in his dads 240Z. It had a 427 small block. He ran me on motor to my nitrous (this is back when I had the 383). He kills me off the line (go figure with a back half light weight car) but I run him down. He let off a little early but He would have won either way. I would have probably would have only gotten back to his door before we hit the finish line.
    Me VS orange 240Z

    This race is of me and a friend in his 78 T/A with a 455. His 125 shot to my motor (383 at the time). It was a very close race. Again I was having belt issues. Tossed the belt in the burnout so ran hot during the entire race. This race was pretty much a tie. I get out on him on the launch then he starts to catch me when he hits the bottle. But after I get floored we stay even the rest of the way. Was a great race.
    me (on motor) VS Grey 78 T/A (on 125 shot)
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    4.2MB video of my car @ Napierville Dragway in MTL, Quebec.

    '81 Z28 @ 3900lbs with a 400" SBC and two 70mm turbos, 16psi, 114 octane unleaded fuel, stock suspension w/ Caltracs.
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    :D u give me a woody

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