Post up your "big wheeled" cars...AKA...17's or larger AND ADD YOUR BACKSPACING INFO!!!!!

Discussion in 'Suspension, Steering, Brake & Wheel Topics' started by CarNDrvr, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. jtherrien

    jtherrien Member

    Mar 27, 2016
    I'm looking to go as wide as possible in the back without modification. I've seen in this thread and others that many can fit 17x10.5 or 17x11 rims on 315 tires.

    Where are you all finding these rim sizes? The widest I see is 9in on most sites. Ideally I'd be going for cragar soft 8s.
  2. SS Performance

    SS Performance Veteran Member

    Nov 17, 2016
    Go to manufacturers web site get the part number then call dealers. Or contact a dealer familure with your year/model.
  3. 71RS/SS396

    71RS/SS396 Veteran Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    Wake Forest NC
    Formula 43, but I believe they're out of business now.
  4. bullock

    bullock New Member

    Apr 2, 2017
    the car looks like it sits stock height, what size tires are on it and are there any rubbing problems or modifications to fit?
  5. sandiego74

    sandiego74 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Feb 23, 2009
    San Diego, CA
    How did you get 315's to fit up front?!

    Car looks amazing, by the way. Definitely one of my favorite cars on this site now.
  6. 70ZED

    70ZED Veteran Member Gold Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    Calgary, Alberta Canada
    That one is perfect !! Going way back to the blue camaro with the 285 40 rears and the 7.5 front rims...
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  7. 78Z28rocker

    78Z28rocker Member

    May 8, 2006
    John, I was wondering what the dimension is on the 0003 centercap indentation? Your website lists it as a fitment for a Firebird. I want to use a Z/28 emblem in the center and I think it may be the same size. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. NOT A TA

    NOT A TA Veteran Member

    Feb 12, 2009
    Delray Beach Florida
    The 003 recess is 2 1/4" wide. The 001 is 1 3/4". Here's a pic of them next to each other. Thanks for the interest!

  9. Jball

    Jball New Member

    Apr 9, 2017
    Thank you "Big Wheeled Cars" posters! I did my forum research, picked up the dice and rolled them, because I measured nothing. Went the safe'ish route. 235/40's and 275/40's on the standard 18x8 and 18x9.5 Boss 338 set up. I couldn't be happier. Thanks again to everyone who contributes here. This knowledge base is invaluable.
  10. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Veteran Member

    Looks great! What are the backspacings?

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