Polyurethan or Rubber?

Discussion in 'Suspension, Steering, Brake & Wheel Topics' started by Primus, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Polygraphite to the best I can tell is just a marketing term. The same company that makes most of the other Polyurethane bushings makes the "polygraphite" ones. Function is no different that conventional polyurethane
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    Correct, there is Graphite in the mix, but most of it is impregnated in the Poly and there is not enough Graphite to have any lubrication values
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    Ok, thanks guys. Just ordered the delrin from global west. They sound like a quality part.
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    I'm using delrin, you'll like it.
  5. ratpatrol71z28

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    Derlin is the way to go... I have rebuilt my stock control arms with them.

    You may want to consider upgrading body bushings down the road as well as you were mentioning previous owners didn't do much to it and that would, IMO, improve the feel of the road by eliminating the "boat" feel.

  6. Primus

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    Nov 8, 2017
    Thanks for all the replies guys!
    I had it on the Lift yesterday and to my suprise: The whole suspension system looks fairly new and in great condition! I got some other wheels from a friend of mine and tried them! the feel is so much better with them. So it probably is just a wheel issue!
    the OG Wheels are probably not in the best condition, the tires arent new and most likely have pretty bad storage damage!
    so the only big problem I have is: how to get some wider tires and wheels legally rolling in Germany! But I can figure that out ;-)

    thanks guys!
  7. Burd

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    Oct 6, 2011
    You can buy poly bushings for the sway bars that have zirc fittings on, I'd use the sway bar and the link in poly, Ws6 cars came from the factory with with plastic bushings, add the ws6 stiffener bars from the Birds too. They bolt to the frame But use rubber body mounts. I know a hoarder that has 80 ws6 bushings if anyone wants them. I found them still on the shelf at the Flint GM whse. We bought them all.
    Also A bigger sway bar in the rear is a nice upgrade, I put a 3/4" ws6 in the rear, car is like on rails. My mechanic commented on how tight it drives.
    Ames sells poly upgrades for the rubber pc's on the shocks too.
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  8. Desert_Dick72SS

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    I like the Del-A-Lum (Aluminum/Delrin) or solid steel bushings.
    A-Arms pivot like they're on needle-bearings...no binding whatsoever....
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  9. 79konz350

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    Nov 26, 2016
    I did the energy suspension poly bushings on my berlinetta, And they were quiet for about a year (I'm assuming the grease got pushed out); they are really squeaky now. However, the car is wayyyyyy less squirrely than it used to be, and the kit was fairly easy to work with. Dumbass 17 year old me got that car going 140 on the old worn out bushings and after that I decided I needed new ones lol.

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