Pneumatic Framing Nail Guns

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    Its clippedbhead that's what can be used here in MA
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    I use and really like the Ridgid. My first one is being rebuilt for the first time right now. It is 10 years old, and I'd hate to guess how many 100's of thousand's of nails have been through that thing! Unfortunately, this one was purchased before they had their lifetime warranty, so I am rebuilding it myself with about $40 in parts. The new Ridgid one I have bought since then has the lifetime warranty, but hasn't had a single hiccup yet. We run them almost everyday framing. I have used the lifetime warranty on a few of the other tools, and it is awesome! Buy the tool once, and have it forever. They even replace batteries for life too!
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    There have been a lot of changes to these as well. Originally the clipped head nail looked like a D. Now they have a full head nail that the head is off set from the shaft, so it will shoot through a clipped head nailer. There was a point where the international building code said that clipped head nails were not approved. I THINK that has since changed back, from pushback from the industry.
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    If your only doing the one project cheap throw away harbor freight will work fine. Truth is you really don't need no stinking guns anyhow hand drive nails produce equal or better results and will save a lot of money. By the time you factor in the cost of the nail guns and the nails the guns are not near the advantage everyone seems to think they are. I've been full time construction employed since 1986. I was a framing contractor for 12 of those early years. I used guns from the beginning. Some old time custom builders I framed for paid me not to use guns as they had perception of higher quality work with hand drives. Truth is it take higher skill level to produce quality results with guns Than a hammer. Guns in the hands of rookies yeild poor results. I got so good with a hammer framing custom homes with hand drives it would blow your mind. If your committed to investing in the guns and the expensive nails instead of hand drives remember this:
    Use staples on wall and roof sheathing as they are much cheaper than nails and hold great
    Use regular cement coated nails as opposed to ring shank electro galvanize unless for exterior use like on a deck
    Demand use of hand driven nails to pull lumber together with conventional hammer blows on nails if needed before nailing off with a gun
    Demand user holds gun in carefull orientation perpendicular to frame member for correct fastening
    Glue subfloor to joist or trusses
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