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    Press Release November 17, 2013

    Custom Works Performance would like to announce there have been several changes taking place with the products we sell and produce. In May of this year Custom Works decided to eliminate and/or change several of the companies formerly used to supply us with products. This change was initiated to provide us with better control over quality and inventory, and get parts to our customers in a timelier manor.

    Rising out of the changes made, is the Birth of 2G Performance Products. The 2G brand name will now represent our products and our suspension system. We have invested a great deal into product design and manufacturing to refine our products ever further than before. We are now designing and producing more components in-house. Nearly all of our components not produced in-house are produced for us in America, because it matters.

    Custom Works Performance has achieved a great deal off success this year. Keith's Car was featured in Camaro Performers Magazine in May. We were also featured in several articles pertaining to track-day running, and Pro-touring culture. We had 3 cars at SEMA with many of our products represented. Bill Armeral went over 200mph in the standing mile with our 2G suspension. Our Camaro won the CP class championship with Keith behind the wheel. We were able to run several big events in the American Street Car Series netting top 10 finishes in all categories. Most importantly, more than ever, we have had customers actually get out and test the performance of the products and service they received from us at Custom Works Performance. We have offered our Facebook page
    as well as our Forum section at NastyZ28
    for our customers to share their pictures, videos, and experiences. Thank you for your contributions.

    Custom Works Performance would like to thank the following for all their contributions; Sean Johnson, Chris Rohde, Erik Bennick, NastyZ28.com, James Butler, Tim Brand, our vendors, my family, friends, and all of those who help support what we do and make it fun.

    Keith Smith- owner Custom Works Performance

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    Good info keith
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    So are you expanding to other models then?
  4. ks71z28

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    At this point, NO. I think that doing one application and doing it well is our focus. It takes a lot of resources to effectively design and produce this stuff, and we don't have any desire to go that direction. We have brought on board a few new team members, one of which (Sean) is a 2nd gen owner, so we get to test a lot of stuff on his car rather than tear my poor car apart! Fresh blood and enthusiasm is what is taking Custom Works and our 2G products to the "next" level.



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