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    A penguin is driving across the desert when he smells something strange. He pulls over and checks under his car. A bit a transmission fluid is leaking. Figuring it could get worse, he heads to the nearest town where he spots a large service garage. Parking out front, he goes in to see the shop foreman. After hearing the penguin's story, the foreman agrees to check out the problem. He tells the penguin, It'll be a bit, but I'll get someone on it. Meanwhile, why don't you check out our little town and make yourself to home. So off goes the penguin. He strolls through town a bit but it's too darned hot for him out in the sun. Spotting an icecream shoppe the penguin goes in. He gets himself a huge boat of vanilla icecream and finds a spot at a table to enjoy it. The small spoon he has just isn't doing the job, so he puts it down and goes at the icecream boat with his flippers. Now he was getting somewhere! As he finished, he realized he was a bit of a mess from eating so rapidly. he decides to go back to the service garage, check on his car and use their restroom to clean up. As he heads in the door, he spots the shop foreman. He asks him if they got the chance to check out his car. To which the foreman replies,Looks like you blew a seal. The penguin retorts, Oh no, that's icecream!
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    That's a good one. LOL....
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    Heard a little different version of that...always a classic though.
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    That was good. LOL

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