Patch panels for rear lower qtrs

Discussion in 'Body Restoration' started by 1beautifuldaughter, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. 74LTmaro

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Great metal fab and finish work, great job.
  2. MotionClone

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    Jan 20, 2014
    away from the crazies

    AMD rear quarters here on a '77. They all take alot of work to look good.
  3. budro6968

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    Nice work. You made them fit very well. Like the pic's of you progress too.
  4. CamarosRus

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    So I bought the CHL brand (Chinese) Rear 70-73 qtr panel patches from Classic Industries.
    They measure out same as my OE NOS qtrs (20 gauge)

    Compared with the the NOS the bumper recess area is much different....

    HOW accurate are the AMD full panels vs G.M. NOS

    Are some people cutting patches from expensive AMD qtrs as I'm thinking
    no other brand has a better "look"

    These pics show the CHL/Classic Industries patch vs G.M. NOS

    WE are trying to reach a CONCLUSION as to how best and with WHAT
    Product to patch qtrs IF not using a full AMD qtr

    20171208_190004.jpg 20171208_190026.jpg 20171214_125857.jpg 20171214_125909.jpg 20171214_130005.jpg 20171214_130014.jpg
  5. CamarosRus

    CamarosRus Veteran Member

    What are the Top Quality cars using for rear/lower patches , IF not replacing entire qtr........
  6. jbloake

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    May 1, 2002
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    Top quality cars don't need patches. IMO
  7. bodymanbill

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    Feb 1, 2007
    South Park Pa
    If a top quality car needs the lower sections, usually will be front and rear sections, just put full 1\4s on them. Every one I've replaced always have hidden rust up around the wheel house u don't see till u get the 1\4 off
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  8. CamarosRus

    CamarosRus Veteran Member

    Bill, OK I do have FULL GM qtrs in the waiting for my 70 L-78.....

    Rear of Rockers are cancered also......Sure would like to SEE and HEAR from bodymanbill on how best
    to graft in WHICH BRAND of rockers (inner/outer???)
  9. 70lt1z28

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    Oct 3, 1999
    Beavercreek, Ohio, USA
    Those differences are what is meant I think when folks say "you can't tell the difference" when saying the aftermarket quarters can look like OEM. They are correct to a point. With enough time and labor, I can probably make a license plate look like a OEM quarter panel to even a Legends judge. Its all where you want to spend the money. To the cost of a factory GM quarter on the front side or to the bodyman to make it look right. "Right" is also relative. What you show in your photos Chuck is perfectly acceptable to many. Most folks just look at the exterior flats and curves and blends and if it looks smooth and shiny its good. Not many look at the areas under the bumpers or the jambs for the correct wrinkles and transitions and these are the areas that matter as much to me (and you?). The Chinese pieces are getting better, but the details I don't think will ever be right. There is no real demand from folks like you and me to make them right. We are detail freaks.
    For many cars its OK to get close, and for the car you are doing it may be. If you look long and hard, you can find OEM quarters for about double the cost of the Chinese versions. I spent about 3 years looking for quarters that weren't 3 thousand dollars. To me, that's worth it cause I know I would give a body guy at least that much to make all the details right. He would probably throw me out of the place.
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  10. bodymanbill

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    Feb 1, 2007
    South Park Pa
    Chuck I almost always use Dynacorn but that's mostly because there is a dealer about 40 minutes from me so i can pick them up , inspect them & save on the shipping. Ive used Goodmark & AMD stuff in the past but it's always a crap shoot. I definitely had to do alot to make my Dynacorn full 1/4s perfect on my 73. Im pretty sure all the partial patch panels are made by the same company, there just never quite right. Ive used alot of them on customers Chevelles and Impalas and they always seem to come up short on the edges, I always seem to be reworking them all
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