Paint and Clear Coat Question???

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    Oct 9, 2013
    I plan on wet sanding/color sanding the clear coat before i buff it out when i get my car done.
    ive done a little bit when i was a teenager working at a body shop for the summer and i remember sanding through the clear and how much of a pain that was for the painter.

    So the question goes: How much Clear is too much Clear? How many coats should i use to keep from sanding through and how many coats before it causes problems from being too thick?
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    Aug 27, 2014
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    We always did 4 coats when cut and buff where part of the deal. But it does depend on the paint brand. Read the spec sheets on how much time between each coat. Some recommend 24 hour cures after the 2nd coat before the next coats go on. We used sikkens and ppg at the shop i worked at but that was over 20yrs ago.
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    In my experience perkalator is right, it depends on the paint and the painter to some degree and reading the manufacturers recommendation has always helped. I've done 10 or so complete paint jobs and cut/buffed most of those but I'm by no means an expert so take that in to consideration. 2 of the cars were show cars that I regularly got compliments on the paint on and I thought they all looked really good. When I was using the DuPont chroma clear I'd do a dust coat plus 2 heavy coats and with the spi clear I used this time around I went 3 coats, spi doesn't require a dust coat. I lay the clear on pretty heavy on the final coat and can usually get it to that fine line right before it starts to run, although I have gone to far and run it at times. I've had good luck with this approach and the clear usually lays really flat with deep gloss to start with. I generally don't have to do a ton of sanding unless I made a mistake and have never burned through the clear. In contrast I work on blemishes on new cars frequently and the clear is very thin, I have burned through a finish there pretty quickly.
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