Orphans: Paperwork & drivetrain in search of their original car.

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  1. flowjoe

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    Feb 7, 2006
    This is our effort to follow other enthusiast groups in attempting to reunite original documentation and VIN derivative-stamped drivetrain components with original vehicles.

    Posting Guidelines:
    1. Do Not post requests for documentation or drivetrain for your car.
    2. Do include the item type and the VIN or partial VIN as part of the subject line. (To aid car owners in internet searches)
    3. Acceptable items include: Window stickers, protect-o-plates, invoices, shippers, etc, and VIN-stamped engines and transmissions that are no longer one with their original car.
    4. Any post not adhering to these guidelines will be deleted.
    Thanks and good luck! :bowtie:

    DRVRDIE Member

    Apr 15, 2009
    1970 l78 CKO

    Pad: T0409 CKO
    VIN: 531300
    Cast: 3/23/70
    Still have this original 1 of 600 L-78 complete engine. as of (3/2/18)

    Finaly, a Camaro orphan list. Hope this lasts and is used to reunite some Camaro owners with their lost parts(etc).
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  3. seventy7camaro

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    partial build sheet 77 Z28

    I have a partial build sheet that I patched up and laminated. It was found under the driver's seat of my wife's sport coupe. The mice had fed on this thing and most everybody would have thrown it away. Most of the options are visible. This Z28 was built 1 car ahead of my wife's car at the Van Nuys plant. If you've been looking for your missing build sheet, this may be it!

    VIN# 1Q87L7L636950



  4. fast67vellen2o

    fast67vellen2o New Member

    Aug 30, 2010
    South Jersey
    1972 Camaro Z28 Owners... I have your engine

    Anyone have 12N147423 ? I believe the full vin would be 1Q87L2N147423. This is a 4 speed engine.

  5. Peter Wilson

    Peter Wilson Veteran Member

    any New England Camaros missing their original 12 bolt ?

    I just bought a 70 Camaro 12 bolt , complete and not rusted or pitted . I bought it from a guy I know locally that acquired it in a first gen car deal about 10 or 12 years back . numbers are COZ 03 02 G2 with an E underneath . date code on the center section is B180 . I want it to replace the 9" Ford rear thats currently under my 71 Z ( I know the car originally came with a 10 bolt but I wanted a 12 bolt and its still more correct than the Ford rearend ) . I probably wont be replacing the rear for a couple years yet as I still have to find and acquire enough rust-free pieces to replace the tubs in my car . This would have come out of an LT-1 or 396 powered 1970 Camaro in or around the North Eastern Maine area around the late 80s . I dont want to sell but if there is a car in that general area that needs a 12 bolt with that approximate date code then I would trade it for a similar 12 bolt as the date code does not matter to me . I think it would be cool to put the rear back in its original Home if there was any way of tracing the lineage...

    Moderator's Note: Since the rear axle is a key piece of the drive train and the 12 bolt is unique to both the 1970 model year and SS and Z/28 RPO's I am making an exception to the rules above and placing this post in the "Orphans" sticky for future reference.
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  6. Ricks72Z28

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    Jan 1, 2005
    1972 Z28' block

    I have the below block for a late built 72Z28 with 4 speed.

    1Q87L2N168021 BLOCK V0303CKS
  7. flht99b

    flht99b Member

    Nov 28, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    1972 Z28 Auto trans block

    Pad: V0404 CKT - built 4/4/1972
    VIN: No VIN stamped
    Cast: C192 - 3/19/1972
    Block has 2,500 miles a total rebuild including .030" overbore using Wiseco forged flat top Pro Tru pistons PRO03a3. Original Pink rods, original forged crank, std/std main and rod sizes. Block, crank and rods have 62,000 total original miles on them.
    This has to be very close to the last of the '72 Z28 engines built before the Camaro assembly plant strike, thus no VIN assigned to block.
  8. dkcamaro

    dkcamaro Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

  9. uncle427

    uncle427 New Member

    Aug 30, 2015
    Shelton, ct
    Original engine car #1Q87L2N145322

    I have the original engine from 1972 Z-28 # 1Q87L2N145322

    Would love to reunite with car if its out there
  10. camaro73lt

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    Feb 6, 2003
    Hanover, PA
    1973 VIN ..127918 - I have Warranty Card

    1973 VIN ..127918 - I have Warranty Card

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