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    If wish I had the awnser to that, unfortuneatly it is going to be diffrent for every engine / cam / intake / cylinder head combination. With out knowing exactly what engine and cam is in your car I would not be able to tell you.

    behind the alternator is a number pad that will have the engine serial number and suffix code on it. looking up the suffix code will tell you what the engine came out of. then you can lookup the info on the carberator for that engine. it should tell you what the main jet and rod sizes are. i would use that as my starting point. But it is posible since they swaped the motor that they modified the replacement engine as well. but it would still be the best place to start.

    once you know what engine your dealing with, I would also speek to the guys at Cliffs High Performance #740-397-2921 Http://www.cliffshighperformance.com they know the Q-jet better than anyone else I know. they will be able to point you in the right direction. also the edelbroock performer Q-Jet tuning manual has some good info in it.
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    My point was that the OP needs to describe what he smells that is offensive with more words than stinky. Much like many other's he seems to assume we are in his garage with him, and see/smell/hear what he does, while in fact, we are deaf, and blind; totally Dependant upon his (nonexistent: "stinky") description of the problem.

    I've dealt for many years with descriptions of problems that go like this: "It doesn't work!" "Which it would that be?" "This one..." Groan.

    What was the relevance of your post to the topic at hand? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP0mQeLWCCo
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