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    The GM truck oil pressure gauge from 1973 - 1975 or 1976 makes a great replacement for the original clock in 2nd gen Camaros. You'll have to fabricate a mounting bracket, similar to that of the clock, but with a channel in the center to locate the gauge at the proper distance from the lens. You'll also have to trim the gauge face of the odd flange shape to get it to fit into the gauge cluster. The cool thing is that the gauge font matches the stock gauges, tach, and speedometer, other than the button covering the clock adjustment opening, it looks stock. I run a tee and use both the oil pressure sender to the light and a mechanical gauge. I've attached a shot of the '79 Dash.

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    I did this also. The gauge does look just like the other OEM gauges except for the orange danger mark. I didn't put it in the clock spot because it would have left a hole where the adjustment knob came through. I put it in the amp gauge spot. Then I wired an idiot light and mounted it where it was mostly hidden. I don't understand why Chevrolet didn't put an oil pressure gauge in the U14 cluster!
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    Hmmmm. I might lose my temp gauge and put that in. I can’t get it to work anyway and I have the temp on the sniper screen if I want to see it as well as an external gauge. That would bring me down to one external gauges and might clean up dash/console a bit. Great suggestion.

    Is the gauge electric or mechanical? Do you need a unit specific sender?
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