Now this is a real deer hunter...

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    Aug 11, 2012
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    Haven't seen that in a few years. As Jimrr said that's how everyone did it back in the day. I remember an old Caddy with a nice buck strapped over the front hood. Figuring he was cooking it on the ride home from that engine heat.

    We eat at least 3 deer a year. we make steaks, stew meat, burger, sausage, etc. Pretty much anything you can buy, we make. Nothing better than a 3" thick cut of backstrap wrapped in peppered bacon, marinated and on the grill...
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    I took a contract to do work north of Madison, WI.
    Well 1 day I'm cruising down the street to the 1st pole, and WTF.
    Bags of chopped up deer every other house.

    For a Chicago boy, it was weird as frick seeing all those dead animal bones thrown out like a pizza box down here.

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    Remnants of Deer butchering tends to keep the crime rate down. No punk is going to do a drive by when people may have weapons that can blow the engine out of their car.

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