Not trying for a political thread, but Bowe Bergdahl just avoided prison time.

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by FreedomPenguin, Nov 3, 2017.

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    You develop claustrophobia, fear of water, etc... either legitimately, or convincingly malingering. I saw it twice on the sub... and you know what- good riddance to them. For each of them, we tried to help them "back from the ledge" so to speak, until it was clear that wasn't working. Then we did the only reasonable thing- we pushed them over. :) Psychologically, not physically of course. At some point, you don't want an unstable person on your crew, with potentially your life in their hands.
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    Well put Todd, you sub guys do an amazing job, and even getting the best food in the entire military
    doesn't change the fact you are locked in a barrel and thrown in the water for 3-6 month's at a time!!!!
    You guys have it much harder than we ever did, except the frigging storms up around the Aleutian islands.
    We were between Japan & the Aleutians one time and it kicked my ass hard!!!

    I was talking about the guys that disappear when we hit port!!! Guys running away, instead of asking for help.
    The cowards, & guys scared of dying more than the guys that were legitimately having issues with being cooped up.
    We never had anyone freak out, real or fake on any of the ships I was on.
    I was never locked in a drum and thrown under the water, I had to go topside every day, unlike subs guys or snipes.
    I saw sky & fresh air when ever I wasn't in combat, my equipment was on the top 2 decks, and I maintained the antenna's.
    I was in my bunk for a week one time and it never bothered me a bit.

    I don't have a problem with being cooped up for days, weeks or month's at a time,
    but I know plenty of civilians that could not handle crawl spaces, attics etc etc.
    No way they could hack being in the Navy, especially a Sub!!!!

    Again, I did nothing, I never claimed I did anything, I floated around a little, went to school, instructor duty,
    nothing important or dangerous.
    The guy was in battle, he served his country and for whatever reason, couldn't hack it anymore.
    Instead of being a coward and running away, he should have went to the chaplin.
    They would have got him help immediately.
    I would rather pay to have him shipped home and kicked out, then putting those brave hero's in danger looking for him.

    I'm much more angry about what some clueless moron did to get him back.
    That is about the most asinine thing I've seen in a very long time.
    Made us look weak, stupid, and just plain clueless!!!!
    Nobody wants to die, but there was no way in hell anyone with normal intelligence makes that trade.
    You have to rescue him, or leave him.
    Especially since they knew he ran away, I would have left him.

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    Earlier this year there was a search for a man overboard when he couldn't be found on the ship. He eventually turned up, in the machine spaces. He had to have hidden when they were looking for him and other ships were called in to search for his body in the ocean. The GF's son-in-law is in the See Bee's and we were talking about that. Then the guy turned up. We bpth figured his life was about to get really unpleasant. This was about the saem time as the first ship collision this year when that desryoer got hit by a cargo ship.
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    With an dishonorable discharge he is going to have a lot of issues when he gets out. Looks down by Active duty and Veterans,Must less the general public. No benefits .His lawyer is trying get him a medal for being a P,O,W..what a joke.
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    HOLY FRICK, he wants a medal!!!!!!!!

    Geesh what a country o_O
    Isn't it bad enough they give trophy's to the losing team now a days, when they even keep score!!!!
    What's next, I passed boot camp medal, I passed A school medal, I passed C school medal, I stood watch medal etc etc :(

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    Aug 13, 2017
    One of my close friends served on a submarine. He certainly has some stories to tell. I know, as claustrophobic as I am, I couldn't be on a sub.
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    Like I've mentioned a few times and is listed in on the VA websites with a BCD and if you've got a service connected injury . The VA will only allow health care for the service connected injury only
  8. Zstar

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    Mar 23, 2014
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    The appellate judge, Gen. Abrams, can reduce, but not increase the penalty imposed by Col. Nance. That's how the UCMJ works.
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    I can't believe, and never will, how some goofs are blaming the PRESIDENT for a pussy ass sentence???

    The judge is supposed to be neutral & impartial, follow the law, and do what's best for society!!!!
    When some POS child murderer is caught, there are 1000's of people demanding he gets hung.
    Does that mean he gets to go free??? Who cares what anyone says, a judge is a frigging judge!!!!!!!!!
    Do your damn job, and do what needs to be done.
    This is a slap in the face of every Veteran, and every American with normal intelligence!!!!

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    I was never in any military branches, but I have no idea how Bergdahl gets off so lightly. Frankly, if it's true guys got injured searching for him, I don't know how he lives with himself. Let's hope that at least the dishonorable discharge sticks.

    As far as Trump commenting about Bergdahl while President, no, he should not be doing that, he hurt the case against Bergdahl. The power of the office of President can certainly bias any trial. Trump should have remained quiet about Bergdahl, unless there was some executive action to be taken.

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