Non destructive rust removal As seen on TRUCKS...

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  1. mark wagner

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    or you could use white distilled vinegar.soak some old newspaper in it, wrap the part with the soaked newspaper and put in a plastic bag for three or four days.the part comes out rust free.
  2. 71 Camaro

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    Jan 10, 2007
    You can toss parts in a bucket of vinegar and the rust comes off too I believe.
  3. Twisted_Metal

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    Most mild acids will remove rust.
    Citric, Oxalic, Acetic (vinegar).

    Coca Cola (dilute Phorsphoric acid) will make a penny (copper ones) look like new overnight by removing the oxidation.

    The trick with using any acid for rust removal is getting ALL of the acid neutralized after the rust is gone. Acids will attack the metal if it is the only thing around to react with it.

    The electrolytic method with a battery charger and baking soda is probably better than any of the acid methods.

    Citric acid (powder form) does work well for removing rust and not harming paint. It's an old beer can collectors trick. You still have to be sure it is neutralized after it does its work.
  4. Levi

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    Ive seen something like this, but on a old lady show, think it was hailys hints, grandma has the book youd be amazed all the stuff guys can use.
  5. 77RS

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    The guy on the vid clip says WASHING SODA. Is that the same as baking soda?

    Yep! Just answered my own question:screwup: Happened to see a link to this vid while reviewing the clip.
    Geoff's Science Garage
  6. BTTB71SS

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    That was cool... Definitely have to try that.....
  7. Thats a great clip too...everyone should watch it as well...Thanks...
  8. 71 Camaro

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    Jan 10, 2007
    It was and I did! Damn, gonna have to give that a try. :)
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    The end product looks exactly like what I've used for years: Extend by Locktite or Rust Reformer by Rustolium. Both are painted on and dry to a hard black finish when done. Both require a thin coat of rust (which I call fluffy rust--something you can wire brush or sand off--not heavy scaley rust that you have to grind or use a chipping hammer on). Both of these are very durable and both are paintable. I've also used POR15 with good results. Here is the engine bay of our 79 Camaro that I POR15'd:


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