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    Updated: See questions below after progress of working on the issue. Electrical questions. Thanks for your help!

    I picked up a new washer pump and was installing it. Instructions seem to make sense, but on the old pump, it was driven by something mechanical and this new pump is closed on the back where it attaches to the motor.

    Do the newer pumps not require the mechanical drive like the old? I posted a picture of the old back and you can see where it was mechanically driven. I posted a pic of the part label that I picked up.

    Before I go farther, this struck me as odd.

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    You can still get either the original style mechanical pump or electric ones that replace the mechanical ones. The instructions with the pump should be complete enough to make the transition.
    I have not replaced any mechanical pumps with electric ones so I can't give you the details on how.
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    Good to know that there are now electrical units. That is what I have then.

    Now, for the fun part. I hooked it up and the washer pump still isn't spraying...though does the car have to be running for that? I don't hear any noise when the washer button is pressed. I'm wondering which wire should I test while pressing the button. Possibly it's just connected loose/bad onto the pump.

    My hope is that it's not the button/switch. Seems those are hard to come by.

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    I tested the dark blue wire and it's getting 12v when the button is voltage when it's not pushed. I cleaned/sanded the connections and reconnected. Still no pump. Key is on, no engine running.

    Good news on the switch being good. There are two wires that I don't see on any diagrams, but the install instructions say to wire nut them together. They were connected to the backside of the pump and are Pink and Red.

    On the front side, colors dont match a diagram, but there is a blue wire (activates by pushing wiper button) and a black with brown stripe next to the blue. The other connector has a black wire, black with yellow stripe, light blue and another black with yellow stripe. The two black/yellow wires go to the same connection point.

    Also, the new pump has a three prong connector that it says to connect to where the old three prong connector was. Then connect the old three prong connector to a new spot on the new pump. I did that and the wipers didn't even work and no power was coming from the button push. The trouble shooting instructions say that if wipers are not working to connect the old three prong connector directly to the old connection point. I did that and the wipers now work and I'm getting 12v from a button push. Trouble shooting doesn't say what to do next and this leaves the new three prong connector hanging loose.

    If that has any semblance of sense, any ideas on what to do next? Thanks guys.
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    Picture of new pump.

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    A bright ideal occurred to me last night (I'm no electrical engineer...). Since the blue wire is activated with voltage from the button push and the pump is not working, the next question should be "ground". The wire next to the blue wire is black with a yellow stripe and as I recall, the volt meter picked up continuous power there. There is one solid back wire on the three prong connector. That three prong connector is for the wiper motor I think. The wipers work. I'm trying to figure out how to trace down the ground for the pump.

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