New AMT/ERTL 1970 Z28 plastic model released

Discussion in 'Camaro Collectibles' started by dinograz, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. dinograz

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    Sep 29, 1999
    AMT/ERTL has just released a new plastic model of the 1970 Camaro Z28. It's ERTL stock # 30086 and shown in the pic below. Tommytoyz has them for $8.99 each.

    I'm not sure if the stripe decals come with this model or not. I'm assuming they don't just like with the Baldwin Motion '70 Camaro they released last year. Fred Cady Design has both the Baldwin Motion decals and also the Z28 stripe decals. They cost $4-5 for each set. MikeD is using the Baldwin Motion decals on a model he is building and he said the quality is good and the fit should be fine.

    Here's the contact info for Fred Cady Design if any of you want to order his decals or catalog....
    Fred Cady Design
    P.O. Box 576
    Mt Prospect, IL 60056

    Here's a link to Tommytoyz order page for the AMT/ERTL model....

    And here's a pic of the model from Tommytoyz site....

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  2. Bion

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    Feb 28, 2000
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    Any idea if there is an option to put a standard front end on it or if there is another model with the standard front end. All I've ever seen is the RS.

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  3. ericj205

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    Jun 16, 1999
    Huntsville, AL USA
    no offense to anyone, but why did they have to pick citrus green to mold it in?
  4. dinograz

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    Sep 29, 1999
    One of our board members, Matt Conte, makes model parts and is working on a standard front end that will work with these AMT/ERTL models. I'm not sure if it's on his website yet but the address is... E-mail him if you can't find it on his website.
  5. MikeD

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    Sep 18, 1999
    Anacortes, WA, USA
    Hey Eric, I don't think it's molded in green. From what I hear, it's basically the same model as the BM series I bought but in Z28 version and everything except the chrome and clear parts was white.

    As for the Dino said I have the BM stripes and they are nice. I've been building models for about 40 years and these are good quality. I've seen some that are real cheap and come apart when you apply them and these are NOT those kind. I haven't had time to spend on it like I would like so haven't actually applied them but I've done a test fit and everything lines up nicely. I recommend them. [​IMG]

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