Neutralize Salt

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by li0nhart123, May 23, 2010.

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    Sign of a true geek- I have a nagging concern that I didn't explain it quite right.:D
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    Sign of a Truer geek- knows you didn't explain it quite right and is holding back on going further. ;)

    But I do know how it reacts and so on so I didn't think it needs further explanation as I know what you are talking about.:crazy:
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    I was reading on another forum, that using a sprinkler under the car/truck is a good way to get rid of any nasties clinging under there without actually having to crawl under.

    In one One forum found via google...I think is was a BMW forum...a guy goes as far as hooking up the sprinkler to his hot water to clean his under carriage in winter.

    The hot water might actually be a good idea. Where I live (Coastal British Columbia) Temperatures are always rising above freezing a few days a week even in mid winter...these days may be a good window for a "watering".
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    I think youhave it the wrong way around. Baking soda will raise your PH.

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