Need new tires and suggestions from the group

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  1. JD Z

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    Looking at the tires on a recent purchase (80 z28) and they are dated from 2011 and there are age splits in the tread. I think the car sat garaged for much of the last 7 years. Balancing didn’t help the vibrations at 65mph plus.

    Current Tires are BF Goodrich Radial T/A:
    Rear: P255/60R15. 102S M+S
    Front: P235/60R15. 98S M+S

    I’m in for buying new tires. Stock rims (body color) and I want to keep them. I would like a little wider rears. I don’t want to go crazy and I want the ride to be good for cruising. Ideas on tire brand/sizing for a second gen Z?
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  2. BonzoHansen

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  3. JD Z

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    Stock rims, body color and want to keep them.
  4. BonzoHansen

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    Some will tell you you can run 275/60/15 in the back. I think that is too wide for a 7" rim, as do the tire manufacturers.

    Either go with what you have, or square up and go 245/60/15 all around, or 235/60/15 all around. If you square up you can rotate them for better treadwear.
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  5. JD Z

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    Thanks for the reply. I’ll need to think about tread wear. It will be very low mileage for the time I own it (2000 per year would be a lot), but it turns the tires pretty easy so maybe wear will be quicker than I think.

    I was thinking a little wider on the rear would reduce the tire spin and save it. The look of a wider tire as I think back to the old days would look better too. This might be the best as I have it.
  6. jbloake

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    May 1, 2002
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    JD TA's 235 front , 245 rear it's a little shorter than the 255's , so it's looks a little wider to the eye
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  7. Z28zz383

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    May 11, 2012
    Hard to beat BFG 245's all the way around. Like said, you can rotate them as you burn them up. Since putting in the new ZZ 383 motor, I have not had to replace my tires from just aging while still having plenty of tread left on them. They are all bald when they come off.
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  8. Da_Raabi

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    I'm not sure why 275/60s on a 15x7 would be bad. I've got an old set of 275/60 BFG Radial T/As on a set of third-gen wheels on the back of my car. They don't look too big for them to me.

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  9. JD Z

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    I like the logic of 245s all the way around for the reasons noted. The 235s seem to hit the inner quarter panel with dips already. At least that’s what it sounds like. So taller/wider there might not work great on the front.

    I might go with what’s on the car and go 255 again on the rear. If I could inch a little more width on rear and still work on a stock rim...I would be interested.
  10. Green hornet

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    Oct 11, 2015
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    I have 225/60 on the front and 255/60 on the rear. Was like that when I bought the car.
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