Need help with garage plans!!

Discussion in 'Garages, Workshops & Tools' started by 80 Z28, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. The Champ

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    Sep 14, 2000
    I have scissor trusses in my 30x40 shop. I built it this way to accommodate a lift - but have not purchased one yet.

    The pitch of your roof will determine what your center height will be - I have a 6/12 pitch that gives me nearly 15' at the center.

    If you offset your lift towards one side or the other - enough room to park your daily driver on the other side - you should still have your 12.5' ceiling height.

    Rough approximations:

    If you set your lift 6' from the left side wall, the ceiling height on for the left side of your vehicle being lifted (which is probably 8' from the side wall) will be 12.5'. Assuming your lift is 9' wide - that leaves nearly 15' of daily driver parking space. Plenty of room!

    FWIW - 30' is plenty wide enough to fit 3 full size vehicles side by side by side. By using my automotive "roller skates" - I could put my lift in and still park 3 wide - but I my shop is 40' long so I have the room to roll my vehicle to the side and then move them forward.

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    Just an FYI, when I built my garage, I checked with the company I bought the lift from. They said they would not install it unless I had 4" of 4000PSI cement for a floor. Also, the guy that poured the floor put the expansion joints right where the towers to the lift would be and you can't put them there so I had to offset it slightly to make it work.

    I have 10' 2X6's for walls but they are on a 2ft foundation so I have a 12 ft ceiling.

    I have plenty of room for a car on either side of the lift. The garage is 36X28.

    At least make is deep enough that you can put a bench and tools behind the lift so you have easy access to your tools while working on the car.

  3. danbrennan

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    I built a 30x30 attached garage when we built our house, I put a vaulted ceiling at just the far end, and put a room over the other 2/3 of the garage. My mistake was not setting the far garage door in enough - when I pull my car onto the lift, it's sort of tight squeeze getting the door open, and me in\out. I have plenty of room on the other side, I just should have moved the end single door over a foot or two.

    When I built our, the guy who did our cement flatwork recommended a 6" thick floor for where the hoist would be, instead of the usual 4" floor. But I think he thought I was putting a 2 post lift in, instead of the 4 post lift I ended up going with.

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