Need advice on Hawaiian vacation...

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    With the wifey retired, we're looking to possibly visit Hawaii around January for a week or so and are looking for recommendations on real nice places to stay and things to do.

    Any advice is appreciated guys...
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    In my opinion that’s the perfect time of the year to go. We like Maui it is old Hawaii. A must see is the Humpback Whale tours and the snorkeling tour off the I forget the islands name. The Sunrise Haleakala volcano trip and don’t forget about a Luau. We also fly over to Honolulu to do Pearl Harbor and the big military cemetery there
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    This is the perfect time of the year to visit as its less humid and no many tourists

    What island are you planning on staying at ?? ,Maui is nice and secluded and Oahu is nice if you stay out of Honalulu or Waikiki beach

    I'm headed back over there myself next month to visit my brother who lives in Kailua
  4. muscl car

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    If staying in Oahu you must visit Pearl Harbor and do the many tours like the Arizona Memorial , tour the Battleship Missouri or the submarine Bowfin . Also don't forget to do the Pacific Aviation Museum tour on Ford island

    If you're into classic car shows then Oahu has quite a few nice ones like in Hawaii Kai and the West End Mall

    Depending on how the storms are in the Pacific the waves get huge on the North Shore

    Check this website out ...

    I also have this magazine if you want it

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  6. The Champ

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    Sep 14, 2000

    We've been to the Big Island staying in Kailua Kona (company paid incentive trip staying at the Kona Surf long time ago), Oahu and Kauai - both last December.

    We went last December for the 75th Anniversary of Pearl (bucket list trip for me) and also went to Kauai. We stayed in a high rise right on the beach in Waikiki because of the central location and being able to hit the 75th Anniversary festivities that were important to us. Glad I went, and Pearl Harbor is worth seeing, climbing Diamond Head was worth it, went to the Dole plantation, etc... But overall - Oahu sucks. Too many people/too much traffic. Waikiki Beach is not near as nice as the beaches on the other islands in my opinion.

    The place you have linked on the Big Island is a pretty remote area - but should be nice. We drove around the entire island in a day (it was a pretty full day). Between that house and Hilo there is some real nice jungle with a waterfall. The north end of the island has the cane fields, Macadamia nuts plantation and the Parker Ranch (largest cattle ranch in the entire U.S.). The south end has the volcano. You would want to hit the green sand and black sand beaches. I would go back to the Big Island.

    Kauai is beautiful. Very laid back. We stayed on the north end, but went on a catamaran cruise off the south end. We also drove up into the Hawaiian Grand Canyon on the SW side.

    On both the Big Island and Kauai we did a helicopter tour. On the Big Island we flew right into the Volcano - kinda neat. Kauai we covered most of the Island and I was much more impressed with the views and scenery. Based on experience on Kauai - I would recommend the first flight of the day to avoid fog/rain that seems to happen later in the day.

    We will be going back to Kauai for a longer stay in the future and also want to hit Maui sometime as I've heard that it is similar to Kauai.
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    We just got back from the big island, I would go there again. Didn't do the volcano, we were there for only 5 days, but went to the city of refuge and King Kamehameha's birthplace, definitely worth the trip. Stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa village real nice and close by to Kona. Kona is the Dry side of the island, Hilo is the rain forest side. Been to Maui many times, I like it there too, more tourists however. One thing, January and February tend to be the rainy time of year for the islands.
  9. COPO

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    Sep 15, 1999
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    We went to 3 Islands, our fav is always Maui. Stay away from Honolulu unless you want to feel like your in
    a US commercial area. Stay at the Fairmont or Marriott.
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    Feb 2, 2014
    Dont do like the Brady bunch did

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