Need a new grill - Thinking a Traeger Renegade Elite. Anyone have?

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  1. budro6968

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    Apr 2, 2016
    Jax Florida
    I need a new Gas grill too. It is a Charbroil 4 burner with a side burner. The knobs have melted and I took them off and just use a pair of pliers. The other day I was using the side burner and the burner just fell off and hit the ground. I had to prop it up with a piece of angle iron to finish cooking. Maybe I can talk to my wife and get one for Father's Day. Has anyone tried the Membersmark from sams. There are some over the top grills there but I don't need a huge grill.
  2. Mike N

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    Jan 13, 2002
    Spencerport, NY.
    Char Broil here. 15 years old, paid $99 for it new at Lowe's and it came with a propane tank. I use it at least 3x a week all year long. I've replaced the burner once and the flavor bar a few times..... still cheaper than a new grill.

  3. budro6968

    budro6968 Veteran Member

    Apr 2, 2016
    Jax Florida
    I thought mine was a C/B but that was the last one. This is a Brinkman. I got it at an estate sale for free. It is on it's last leg but the burners still function but the start plugs are rusted off. Needs a long lighter to get going. I Cut sections of bed frame and laid it down in a layer where the flavor bars should be and put lava rock in between the grate. You almost can't burn anything on it. Nice even heat. You have to crank it to max then throw a steak or whatever on then after one side is done turn it down to finish. The side burner fell off so it is barely propped up with some angle iron. Still lights with the knob starter though. I use it every day as long as it is not pouring down rain. I use them till it can't be used no more.

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  4. xten

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    Sep 24, 2014
    Pittsburgh, Pa.
    I am as loyal as I can be to the local "Mom and Pop" hardware store here. I don't want to see it go away. So I went there and bought a "Grill Zone" grill 10 years ago. Never heard of them. The only thing I've replaced were the burner covers, which they had in stock! they have every part for that grill. I think availability of parts is important . We use it a lot, especially when it's hot, to keep the heat out of the house. It sits out all winter (with a cover on it) and when not in use it's under the porch roof, but I'm surprised how well it held up. I think I paid $139.
  5. GoldenOne7710

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    Jun 23, 2004
    Athens, GA
    Best cooking grill I've had was a Brinkman I bought at Walmart. It was the end of the season and it was marked down to $149. It was pretty big as I could cook 30 hamburgers at once. I cooked on it about 7 years and basically used it up. It had a stainless lid, but the rest was just painted steel. I replaced the burners once and the gas crossover tubes twice. It needed new grates, burners again, crossover tubes again and the bottom legs and main tub were starting to rust. I hauled it off for scrap. It cooked evenly and was just easy to operate. Haven't seen that model ever again.

    The grill I use was a freebie. It was my backup/secondary grill anytime we had a big shindig and I had to cook a LOT of food. There were times I had both going at the same time. When I retired the Brinkman, this one is the only one I have now.

    A friend of my dad's gave it to me. It's a complete stainless steel Member's Mark from Sam's Club....made by Grand Hall (the same company that makes Kenmore grills sold at Sears). The people who gave it to me had been using charcoal in it because they couldn't get the propane to work. I looked it up. This was a $700 grill when it was bought. So, I cleaned it up, determined it needed a regulator, plus I noticed they never even put a battery in the ignitor. Also has an infrared burner on the back wall for rotisserie cooking. I found a rotisserie assembly still in the box in the bottom cabinet.

    So far about $20 and a little elbow grease I have an otherwise free grill that could last a very long time. It's freakin HUGE. It has ceramic plates that distributes the heat more evenly. I also have a wood chip box in case I ever want to add some flavor. Of course I've never used the chip box since I have an electric smoker.

    Anyway, the Member's Mark has been pretty good. I've actually had this grill for about 4 years, but it's been my primary cooker for about a year since I got rid of the 1st one I mentioned. The only complaint I have with it is that it's extremely heavy. My guess would be that it's about 400lbs...and I've had to move this big sumbitch to 3 different addresses.
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  6. budro6968

    budro6968 Veteran Member

    Apr 2, 2016
    Jax Florida
    Thanks, That's the first review I seen about a MembersMark. I'll Probably get one when my Brinkman totally gives out.
  7. budro6968

    budro6968 Veteran Member

    Apr 2, 2016
    Jax Florida
    I just watched how pellets were made. I think I will stick with real oak and natural charcoal.
  8. 70ZED

    70ZED Veteran Member Gold Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    Calgary, Alberta Canada
    I bought a new Traeger. You will love that smoker and never use your BBQ again. The insulated one a good idea especially up here in Canada for winter cooking. I was trying to make temp the other day this summer though even with a brisk wind and it was having trouble. Otherwise, love it so much just bought another one for the cabin !
  9. dave@ztech

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    Mar 27, 2016
    Get a Weber, and one of the chip pots if you like the smoke flavor , instant flame, ready to cook when your are, and if you take reasonable care of it, will last 20 plus years

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