my neighbor selling motor

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    Very low miles it just a show car

    my neighbor just bought a corvette and he says the motor is just way too much for what he plans to do ( car shows and vacation cruising cross country ) He is building a new 350 right now

    high nickel SBC Block
    internally balanced 3.75 stroke forged crank, forged 6" rods, forged flat top pistons 11.1:1
    RHS 200 aluminum angle plug heads
    comp XR 280 R solid roller cam
    super victor intake
    780 holley

    Motor is turnkey oil pan to carb

    I'm sure I'm leaving stuff off he has the build sheet with description of all machine work and all part numbers and has all receipts. Motor was built by steve ashworth approximately 550 hp & 490 ft lb torque. Receipt to Ashworths was $10,000.00 alone

    he is asking $5,500.00 OBO

    I can speak from experience Steve Ashworth Performance builds good stuff for all classes of racing, best equipment, in house chassis & engine dyno.

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