Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals aka MCACN Chicago 2013

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    Oct 3, 2013
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    Thank You

    On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank all of the NastyZ28 members for their hospitality and kindness. It was fun to be aound a group of people who has the same passion for this hobby and in particular this generation of Camaro. My wife and I were the "newbies" and you all made us feel welcome. Whether we participate next year or not, we have been at all five of the MCaCN events and plan to attend in some form again next year. I was happy to get the car home, filled with gas and tucked away with the 2010 before our .5 inches of snow and 2 inches of salt fell Monday am.
    (My wife as of tonite will no longer be in the "dog house" for the 1 pt she cost us!:whine: :cool: :crazy:) Everyone, have a Great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas! Hope to see you all down the road!!!!
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    I made it home safely. About 4.30 am eastern standard time on Monday morning. Thanks everyone for sharing all your pictures, kind words, support, help with the show, bringing your cars or just being there for the show. I would like to name and thank everyone, But there are just to many and I don't want to miss anyone. So I just want to say thanks again everyone. Also I do want give a special thanks to Bob and Vicky Ashton and the MCACN show for giving the Nastyz28 group the opportunity this year. Hopefully another showcase next year? Thanks from Ron Liebert to all.
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    What a great show again!! Jeannine and I had a fantastic time. It was so wonderful to finally meet people from the site. Know I'll forget someone so I won't try to mention them all. Special thanks to Mike & Ron for letting me be in th Nasty Z showcase. Don't think I've ever met a nicer group, and I mean that sincerely. Great to finally meet Eric Thompson and talk about his 72 Z. Don't think I've seen a car quite like Brian & Julie's 78, it's unbelievable and there the orginal owners. Bernie's unveil was another great car...absolutely amazing. The cars were great, but I enjoy the people more. Thank you everyone. Jim P.S. dead battery, hence the charger
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    Sorry for the late response but I've been extremely busy lately.... Here are the pictures you requested!




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    Thanks for the pics--these are so much better than we'll see in the magazines eventually.

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    Story is in the current issue of Musclecar Review. Hardly any secondgen love though.:( :rolleyes:

    Nice title though! "The Pebble Beach of Musclecars". :cool:

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